Fitzpatrick worth $59 mil?

Fitzpatrick is going to have a lot of this to deal with the better part of the next decade.

Let me first say, I love Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has brought an excitement back to the city of Buffalo that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Flutie Flakes.

The Buffalo Bills decided to pull the trigger on a new contract for starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to the tune of $59 million over six years with $24 mil guaranteed. Like I said, I love Fitzpatrick and think he did deserve a new contract, but six years at $59 mil? Really? It’s averages out to a little under $10 million a year for a QB who didn’t come into his own until last year, his sixth in the league.

Fitzpatrick is, in my mind, a good to very good QB, he’s definitely in that 2nd tier of QB in the league. Ten million a year for a 2nd tier QB seems like too much.

In the Bills defense they have been without a playoff berth since 1999. I was 17 in 1999. I am currently 29. It goes without saying that Fitzpatrick has (with help) yanked the Bills back into being relevant again. He has put the Bills right in the playoff pictures.

When you take into account the way the Bills finished last year with him at the helm and add that to how the Bills have started this season, then I suppose I can’t fault them. This contract coming for a notoriously cheap owner like Ralph Wilson is a bit of a surprise though.

This contract, whether they meant it to or not, puts tremendous amounts of pressure on Fitzpatrick to perform. Whether he knows it or not he has to perform to a playoff level for at least three of those six contract years or the contract will be viewed as a massive failure.

2 thoughts on “Fitzpatrick worth $59 mil?

  1. While I do think Fitzpatrick is overpaid Buffalo was in a really difficult position here. They have been rebuilding for what seems like forever and this year have a team that can challenge for a playoff spot. If Fitzpatrick isn’t their guy they would need to draft someone fairly early in the 2012 draft and then wait for that guy to develop. The key to keeping the cap manageable for them going forward is to not overpay for some free agent bust like so many teams have.


    1. puzzlechaser – Completely agree. It was a terribly difficult position that the Bills were in. I applaud the Bills for wrapping him up long term, that dollar amount just feels a little off to me.

      But, like you said they want to move past that rebuilding faze. The #1 part of rebuilding is and always should be a franchise QB.

      Next in line for the Bills should be extending Freddie Jackson, IMO.


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