It appears from this that Mr. Money can’t carry on a decent disagreement without becoming rather flustered.

After all the talking he’s done in his life and on his episodes of 24/7 when no one is there to actually answer him, this was fun to listen to. He picked on decrepit old Larry Merchant in the ring after his win over Victor Ortiz and now he got jerked around by some radio announcer that I’ve never heard of (his name turns out to be Rude Jude).

Floyd is so good at talking the talk when no one is around except his entourage, but whenever he is actually pushed by someone he stutters, stammers, can’t complete sentences and then just invariably calls the person a “faggot” or pulls the race card out. He’s definitely got a quick trigger on the “faggot” gun, just ask his own father Floyd Sr, who he called that on the Ortiz-Mayweather 24/7.