Phil Simms can read minds!

Mr. Know-It-All himself. (Photo credit: Florian Schneider/Showtime)

On last nights Inside the NFL (on Showtime), Phil Simms said, “There is no way if Peyton Manning is given a clean bill of health — I’m going to go on that assumption — that he is going to let them draft Andrew Luck.”

Phil Simms is an idiot. He has to be out of his mind if he thinks that a 35-year-old (36 by next season) with three neck surgeries (two this year alone) is going to have so much sway as to keep a team from possibly drafting Stanford Cardinal phenom, Andrew Luck, with the #1 pick in next years NFL draft.

I’m not really sure how Simms can pretend to know how Peyton Manning would react in that situation. Peyton, you would think, is the only person that would be in the know on that subject. Personally I can’t imagine Manning would put an organization, that has done everything but chew his food and spit it in his mouth, in a position like that.

If Manning could walk into that front office and proclaim in no uncertain terms that he is going to play the next 3-4 years without his neck acting up, then maybe his words would be slightly more persuasive. He cannot, of course, make that statement.

Even if he could that is a situation where Colt’s owner Jim Irsay would say, “Thank you for your input, you can now see yourself out.”

What I mean to say is Peyton Manning would have as much say in if the Colts drafted Andrew Luck #1 as you or I would, which is zero say.

Some would scoff at that statement, but it doesn’t make it any less true. To let a star player who has one foot of his first ballot Hall of Fame career in the grave to make as important as possibly drafting their future franchise QB is asinine.

For Phil Simms to of made such an ignorant statement is ridiculous. Just another in a long line of drivel from a smug Mr. Know-It-All bitter ex-player.

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