The DKY NFL Power Rankings

I know it seems a bit late for someone (anyone) to put out their first power ranking of the season. Though considering we’re six weeks in, a little over a third of the way, I would say this is actually the best time to start it off.

With that said, I’ll rip the band-aid quick. Well after a few points (or 10);

1. The Packers are surprising me in a really bad way. They were one of the two teams I picked for the Super Bowl and that pick is looking pretty terrible right about now. Still early though.

2. How have the Titans gotten this bad? They were a respectable 9-7 last year. This year they have been (for lack of a better word) garbage.

3. The Houston Texans were one of the two teams I picked to make the Super Bowl and that pick is looking pretty good right about now. But, like the Packers, it’s still early though.

4. The Giants are one of the most two-faced teams in the sport. Sometimes they are all-world and look every bit the reigning and defending Super Bowl champions, others they look like the Browns or Titans.

5. Shockingly the best division in football, right now, is the NFC West. You heard me.

6. The worst is a toss-up between the AFC South & NFC South.

7. Arizona is 4-1? How? Two QB’s they don’t particularly want starting. No running game to speak of and poor Larry Fitzgerald all alone on an island with no other decent receiver opposite him. They’re doing it though.

8. The Carolina Panthers were predicted by many to have a sort of break out season to follow-up their 6-10 2011 campaign. Even I thought they would go 8-8 on talent alone. The rest of the NFL has caught up to Cam Newton, now it’s up to him to readjust and try to pull his Panthers out of their 1-4 hole.

9. The Saints have been devastated by suspensions and it has neutered them of their spark. Oh, and the defense is bad, really, really bad.

10. Matt Ryan and crew look legit. The Falcons are 5-0 and with the Saints struggling and with Tampa Bay and Carolina being Tampa Bay and Carolina they should run away with the division.

Power Rankings

1. Texans (5-0)
2. 49ers (4-1)
3. Falcons (5-0)
4. Ravens (4-1)
5. Bears (4-1)
6. Cardinals (4-1)
7. Vikings (4-1)
8. Giants (3-2)
9. Patriots (3-2)
10. Bengals (3-2)
11. Steelers (2-2)
12. Seahawks (3-2)
13. Eagles (3-2)
14. Chargers (3-2)
15. Broncos (2-3)
16. Rams (3-2)
17. Colts (2-2)
18. Packers (2-3)
19. Dolphins (2-3)
20. Lions (1-3)
21. Redskins (2-3)
22. Cowboys (2-2)
23. Jets (2-3)
24. Chiefs (1-4)
25. Panthers (1-4)
26. Bills (2-3)
27. Saints (1-4)
28. Buccaneers (1-3)
29. Raiders (1-3)
30. Jaguars (1-4)
31. Titans (1-4)
32. Browns (0-5)

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