The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 16)

dky(se)1. This particular Giants team has no heart. If you watched their pitiful effort on Sunday you know why I say that.

2. It wasn’t just the Giants that played as if their balls were missing, the Lions, Bills, Chargers, and Buccaneers also were nutless.

3. When you head coach is saying that your season has “gone off the rails” you’re probably in for a slew of changes. The Lions have tons of talent and no direction or execution.

4. Brian Urlacher just needs to shut up.

5. Adrian Peterson now only needs 188 rushing yards over his last two games (@ Texans, Packers) to become the 7th man to reach the 2,000 yard plateau after his 24 carry, 212 yard destruction of the Rams.

6. Calvin Johnson needs only 182 receiving yards to break Jerry Rice’s single season receiving yardage record of 1,848 set in 1995.

7. I wouldn’t get too excited about the Falcons either. They did destroy the Giants, but that’s really nothing to write home about. The Falcons are a good team, they will most likely end up with a #1 seed in the NFC and a bye, but they will not beat the 49ers, in my opinion.

8. As I type this the spread of the Giants @ Ravens game is currently Giants -1. I realize the Ravens played poorly against the Broncos on Sunday, but they are home against a wildly inconsistent Giants team that got destroyed in every facet of the game and the spread favors the Giants? Did I miss something?

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 15)

dky(se)1. How bad are the Cardinals? After starting the season 4-0 they have now lost 9 in a row.

2. In those 9 losses they have been outscored by their opponents, 231-95.

3. The Houston Texans were my pick to make the Super Bowl out of the AFC and while I’m not ready to jump ship, that ship is getting a bit creaky.

4. Adrian Peterson has exactly 1,600 yards rushing this season through 13 games. He’s averaged 123.1 rushing yards per game at 6 yards per carry (both lead the NFL).

5. His last three games are @ Rams, @ Texans, Packers. He needs 400 yards to reach 2,000 on the season. To become the 7th man to reach the milestone, Peterson would have to average a robust 133.3 yards rushing per game.

6. I’m a fan of the Buffalo Bills. It’s clear that I’m quite self loathing.

7. Giants rookie RB David Wilson had a breakout party! It took a lot longer than some would have thought (myself included), but he shredded the Saints D to the tune of 13 carries, 100 yards & 2 TD’s. Also not to be overlooked
was his personal decimation of the Saints special teams unit. Greg McMahon (Saints special teams coordinator) had to be talked into giving up all sharp objects after the game.

8. Drew Brees leads the NFL with 4,028 passing yards. Matthew Stafford is second with 4,006. Their teams are 5-8 & 4-9 (respectively). It begs the question, “Has there ever been a season in which the two leaders in passing yardage were both from teams with losing records?” Rather long-winded question.

9. Calvin Johnson has a chance at breaking an all-time greats record. Jerry Rice accumulated 1,848 receiving yards in 1995. If Megatron can manage 303 receiving yards he’ll be the new record holder for most receiving yards in a season.

10. My top 5 for MVP (in order);

Peyton Manning, QB, Denver Broncos
Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings
Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers
Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots
Aldon Smith, DE, San Francisco 49ers

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Week 15 Power Rankings
(last week’s ranking in parentheses)
1 (3) – Broncos (10-3)
2 (4) – Patriots (10-3)
3 (1) – Texans (11-2)
4 (2) – Falcons (11-2)
5 (5) – Packers (9-4)
6 (6) – 49ers (9-3-1)
7 (8) – Colts (9-4)
8 (9) – Seahawks (8-5)
9 (7) – Ravens (9-4)
10 (12) – Giants (8-5)
11 (10) – Bears (8-5)
12 (14) – Redskins (7-6)
13 (11) – Steelers (7-6)
14 (16) – Vikings (7-6)
15 (17) – Cowboys (7-6)
16 (13) – Bengals (7-6)
17 (15) – Buccaneers (7-6)
18 (21) – Rams (6-6-1)
19 (24) – Jets (6-7)
20 (18) – Dolphins (5-8)
21 (20) – Lions (6-7)
22 (19) – Saints (5-8)
23 (29) – Panthers (4-9)
24 (26) – Chargers (5-8)
25 (27) – Eagles (5-8)
26 (28) – Browns (5-8)
27 (23) – Bills (5-8)
28 (22) – Cardinals (4-9)
29 (25) – Titans (4-9)
30 (30) – Jaguars (2-11)
31 (31) – Raiders (3-10)
32 (32) – Chiefs (2-11)

The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 14)

dky(se)1. The Giants have driven their fans to drink. A lot.

2. How does it feel to be Alex Smith? The now former starting QB of the 49ers did quite literally nothing wrong and lost his job to Colin Kaepernick, who it turns out isn’t much different from Smith. He’s a won’t lose the game for you QB, which is what Alex Smith is.

3. Alex Smith the last two seasons; 25 games as starting QB with a 19-5-1 record & 30 TD’s against only 10 INT’s.

4. The Falcons are great at (seemingly) nothing, but good at a lot and always pull out the win their lone loss to the Saints notwithstanding. Even that was a game they could have won.

5. They are however better than the Carolina Panthers. My response to Panthers DE Greg Hardy – “HAHAHAHA”

6. The Jets, ohhhh the Jets.

7. Jovan Belcher is hopefully rotting in Hell now.

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 13)

1. The list of teams in need of major coaching/player changes continues to grow; Eagles, Cowboys, Chiefs, Jaguars, Panthers, Jets, Bills, Chargers.

2. The Eagles are in complete chaos now. Firing almost everyone in sight, from coordinators to All Pro defensive ends.

3. The race for the #1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft is becoming quite competitive these days. The Chiefs (1-10) have the inside track right now, but the Jaguars (2-9) are right behind them and the Panthers, Browns, and Raiders (all 3-8) are just waiting in the wings.

4. The Patriots have scored a whopping 80 points more than the second highest scoring team, the Texans, 407-327.

5. The Kansas City Chiefs have scored a putrid 161 points through 11 games. That’s only 14.6 ppg.

6. The Oakland Raiders have given up 356 points (32.3 ppg) through 11 games. Holy shit.

7. The most shocking game to me was the Giants complete and utter obliteration of the Packers, 38-10. The Giants even let off the gas after the half only scoring on a late 3rd quarter TD from Manning to Nicks.

8. I have absolutely no problem with Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles getting Broncos QB Peyton Manning’s autograph after the game. It’s as good a time as any.

9. My record picking NFL games straight up this season is 115-60-1. My picks for Week 13 are; Falcons, Bills, Bears, Lions, Packers, Texans, Panthers, 49ers, Patriots, Cardinals, Broncos, Browns, Bengals, Ravens, Cowboys, Giants.

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 12)

1. The Patriots have been running up the score on opposing teams for years. I’ve heard all the, “…but it’s their style of play!” responses and yes, it is their style of play, but it’s completely unnecessary and as with Gronkowski (breaking his forearm blocking on the extra point try to go up 59-24 with under 4 minutes left to play) it proves to bite them in the ass from time to time.

2. Gronkowski will reportedly be out anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

3. If the injury lingers and they are without Gronk in the playoffs they will be quickly out of the playoffs. He makes that kind of difference in their offense. Mark it down.

4. How bad is the Chicago Bears offensive line? There isn’t a QB in the league that could do anything with their line.

5. Can you remember the last time a team managed to go 7-3 with an offensive line this bad?! I feel for Cutler and Campbell.

6. The Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills game was wretched. In the game the Dolphins offensive possessions looked like this; punt, punt, fumble, punt, punt, punt, punt, missed FG, TD, INT, INT. I mean…good God…

7. The struggles that the Texans and Falcons had with Jaguars and Cardinals (respectively) just goes to show it’s really anyone’s game this year.

8. I honestly believe that 12 of the top 15 teams in my rankings have a realistic chance to win the Super Bowl.

9. The Saints are now 5-5 after an 0-4 start. I thought they were dead in the water, but now? They have an outside shot at the playoffs, in my opinion. Remaining schedule; San Fran, @ Atl, @ NYG, TB, @ Dal, Car.

10. If the Giants play against the Packers the way they played against the Steelers and the Bengals they will get obliterated.

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 10)

Straight to the points!;

1. How ’bout them Eagles?! It’s time to blow that team up. At least time for Andy Reid to hit the road. Most of the time a team and coach’s relationship just runs its course. I think the Eagles and Coach Reid are ready for a divorce.

2. The Falcons continue to not be the best team in the league and yet be the best team in the league (record-wise). I like each of the four teams below them in the rankings better, but they are the only undefeated team and that gets you a #1 ranking in my book.

3. DOUG MARTIN! His last three games combined stats look like this; 70 carries, 471 rushing, 6.7 avg, 6 TD’s & 10 rec, 137 receiving, 13.7 avg, 1 TD.


4. The Giants are playing some of their most uninspired football since Weeks 11 & 12 of last season (against Philly & @ New Orleans, both losses). Everything seems flat. Offense, defense, special teams…everything.

5. The Cowboys are broken offensively. Not sure if it can even be fixed with the current players.

6. How much money will Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shower upon (now) free agent coach Sean Payton?

7. The way you’d hear people talk about the Bears you’d think they were 4-4, except they’re 7-1 and a bounce or two away from the #1 seed in the NFC. If their O-line is in order and Cutler is on his game coupled with that stellar defense and Matt Forte they are going to be an extremely hard out the rest of the way.

8. The Ravens appear to be teetering to me. They did beat the Browns, but it wasn’t pretty. The remaining schedule (Oak, @Pitt, @SD, Pitt, @Wash, Den, NYG, @Cincy) might not be so kind if they continue on with how they’ve played the last couple of weeks.

9. Who would have thought that a Week 9 match up between the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts would have so much possible playoff repercussions?

10. Andrew Luck is a monster after breaking the record for passing yards for a rookie QB with 433.

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 9)

I don’t have much time before the start of the Chiefs-Chargers game to get this in. That being said, I will only have one point to make.

1. The Giants and Cowboys played one of the more ugly games you’ll ever see. Easily the ugliest game (with the exception of the Browns-Chargers 7-6 debacle) of the season.

It’s as if both teams would get the ball and say, “No, really, you take the ball back”, “No YOU take the ball back!!”


Week 9 Power Rankings
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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 8)

The further we get into the season the more the legit teams that got off to slow starts are rising (Packers, Broncos, Saints) and the pretenders who got off to hot starts drop like rocks (Cardinals, Bengals).

As with last week the Falcons are not the best overall team in the league, in my opinion, but they are the only team without a loss and so they are again #1 after their bye week.

I shall begin my points now;
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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 7)

The NFL can be described in one word through 7 weeks; mediocrity.

I don’t mean that in such a bad way, it’s just the perfect descriptor of how the season has played out thus far.

Just look at the standings.

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings

I know it seems a bit late for someone (anyone) to put out their first power ranking of the season. Though considering we’re six weeks in, a little over a third of the way, I would say this is actually the best time to start it off.

With that said, I’ll rip the band-aid quick. Well after a few points (or 10); Continue reading “The DKY NFL Power Rankings”