Boxing’s new name; Discordia

So many times in boxing a fight that should happen or is supposed to happen, doesn’t (see the most recent nearly 2-year-long saga between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao). It’s a gross injustice to their own sport.

I suppose that’s because there are too many hands in the pot. Too many voices wanting their share.

Too many vultures. Some of these vultures have names like HBO, Showtime, Golden Boy Promotions, Top Rank, Don King, Lou DiBella, Al Haymon and many, many more, I’m sure.

It’s not that there aren’t vultures in the UFC, but it’s a body that makes the matches. I know it’s probably just as political in some of the same ways that boxing is, but boxing is just a bunch of independent states trying their best to make all the money they can at the expense of their own sport. Cutting off their own nose despite their face.

The UFC has titles at weight classes, just like boxing, and for the most part those titles are respected. The titles in boxing? Well, the titles in boxing are almost worthless at this point. There should be one title at each weight class, this whole WBC, WBA, WBU, ABC, 123 is all crap. There was a time when some of the belts actually really stood for someone being the best.

The organization that most epitomizes that to me in today’s day and age is The Ring championship belt. One title per weight class and there’s no such thing as a The Ring “Super” Champion (as with the WBA & WBO). Lets not even discuss the fact that the WBC has a “Diamond” title belt (created as an honorary championship exclusively to award the winner of a historic fight between two high-profile boxers) and a “Silver” title belt (“to give value to many fights that cannot be for a WBC world title but are bouts of great importance.” – Jose Sulaiman, WBC president).

It’s not to say that The Ring belt carries no controversy with it. In fact, The Ring was a part of the rigging of the United States Championship Tournament along with, of course, the ultimate cheat himself, Don King.

It’s not even to say that The Ring title would be how I want things to stay. It’s isn’t. Not by a long shot. I just think that, for now, The Ring belt carries more swagger with it than the other sanctioned bodies. It carries with it, for the time being, a respectability that the others do not.

Like the UFC, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and hell, any other real sport there is one consolidated group of people that runs the asylum. Except for boxing.

Boxing has all these sanctioning bodies, and other interference, that continually bastardizes the entire sport.

I’m not even a UFC fan, but I do see their structure as a way that boxing needs to start leaning towards. Even that isn’t a cure-all, but damn, it’s better than what’s going on now.

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