I pray that this isn’t true.

If you are a boxing fan, you pray this isn’t true.

“I was approached about the fight. I spoke with Don [King] and a few other people [connected to Mayweather]. Paul is interested in the fight. He’s wanted this fight for a very long time. Paul is ready to finish what he started ten years ago. We’ll see what happens,” [Paul Spadafora’s promoter] Michael Acri told

What Spadafora wants to finish from ten years ago is pertaining to a sparring session where he famously got the best of Floyd. There is even video of this sparring session…

Now, this is all speculation at this point and so it may or may not be true.

If it’s not true then thank the good Lord.

If it is true then shame on Floyd Mayweather Jr. If this is true and he is really actually considering fighting Paul “Pittsburgh Kid” Spadafora in July then “Money” is slapping every boxing fan in the face.

Basically just sticking a big middle finger up to the whole boxing community.

At least Manny Pacquiao is faking it by at least taking on tough, name fighters in Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, and Shane Mosley. The Congressman from the Philippines isn’t really taking any huge steps down in competition. He just keeps chugging along.

Mayweather, however, is busy complaining about how Manny wouldn’t fight him (same could be said about him not wanting to fight Manny, by the way) or how Manny wouldn’t take the Olympic style drug testing during the first negotiations and the list goes on.

It comes down to this, if Floyd Mayweather Jr. really fights Paul Spadafora it would be a gigantic fall in competition and for a man who claims to always fight the “best”. It would be an unacceptable fight against a now inferior fighter.

I’m not trying to say that other world class fighters haven’t taken on inferior competition in their primes before, but when you look at what your direct competition is doing and then you take on someone like Spadafora?

Doesn’t that just seem…wrong?

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