Bizarro Boxing

This is where the sport of boxing usually resides.

Boxing can be a real world of strange occurrences and weirdo people.

I have two examples of recent happenings that make you shake your head in amazement. Even though I know boxing shouldn’t amaze me anymore, it does.

Example 1;

On December 21 it was announced that Shane Mosley would be taking on Manny Pacquiao on May 7,

You heard me right. Bob Arum of Top Rank (Pacquiao’s promoter) decided that the best fight available for Manny Pacquiao was against a man who fought to a draw with Sergio Mora, “‘The Contender’ guy” as Freddie Roach put it.

If this fight was signed before Sugar Shane got utterly dismantled at the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr. than I would be all for it because at that point I thought Shane really did have something left in the tank. After the Mayweather debacle and his mind-boggling draw with Mora, I don’t think that any longer.

Without getting to in-depth (I’m sure I’ll have a breakdown of this fight sometime before the fight in 2011), I don’t think Mosley has a chance of standing upright past the 7th round.

Shane still has this aura around him that he thinks he has all this speed and power still. It’s just not true anymore. Yes, he stunned Mayweather, but that was in the 2nd round and he never touched Floyd the rest of the fight and against Mora he just laid an egg. You lay an egg when you are 27-28 and people say, “He’ll make up for it he’s only 27”, but you lay an egg when you are 39-years-old and people, rightfully, say, “He’s all done” and he is.

Maybe Shane has the Evander Holyfield syndrome where he thinks he’s still capable of the same things he did when he was in his middle 20’s, or maybe he’s just out for his one last major payday before calling it a career, I don’t know.

I do know, however, that Shane is going to be obliterated by Manny Pacquiao on May 7, 2011. I hate to say it, I really do, because I am a Shane Mosley fan and I have been for more than a decade when he was a 135 pounder and destroying everyone in his path, but ever dog has his day and Sugar Shane Mosley’s day has already come to pass.

Example 2;

I see the headline “Haye offers Klitschko 50/50 split” and I’m once again amazed.

David Haye offers Wladimir Klitschko a 50/50 split? OFFERS? What?!

If anyone should be conceding anything it should be Wlad, not David The Ducker.

Where in the hell does David Haye get off “coming down” to a 50/50 even split? What has he ever done that he should even be close to getting an even split with Wladimir? He’s out of his Goddamn mind.

I mean this dude really is off of his rocker. I hope Wladimir takes Haye’s “offer” and beats the ever-living snot out of this fool.

“David and I are happy to split the entire pot 50-50 and grant Wladimir the deal he has wanted since day one. We have offered them 50-50 on everything — just as they requested — and now see no reason why this tremendous fight can’t happen. The path is clear.”

Those words came from the mouth of Adam Booth, Haye’s trainer and manager. They make it sound like they had the high ground in these discussions and they are being so magnanimous as to come down to the Klitschko camp’s demands. The Klitschko camp is the group that came down, not The Ducker and his mind numbingly ignorant minions.

Boxing needs a singular head like the other major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB) or it’s going to just continue to float around in mediocrity forever.

I have some ideas and I’ll get back to you with them.

(Don’t hold your breath though…)

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