Klitschko brothers to Haye: “Take your pick.”

On the website for the German newspaper, Bild, the Klitschko brothers were quoted saying,

“We promise that in 2011 the fight against Haye comes. We want this fight at all costs! He may choose, against whom he wants us to step into the ring to lose his world title.”

This is exactly what I want to hear.

Now, all I want is for this fight to get signed. It doesn’t matter which brother he gets into the ring with to me. I think the more exciting fight would be with Wladimir, if for no other reason than he tends to let his hands go more often than Vitali does.

That’s not a knock on Vitali though, he would be equally effective, in my opinion, against David “The Ducker” Haye.

I’m ready for this.

What I need now, is for David Haye to actually back up his big mouth and actually step into the ring this time.

I don’t like Floyd Mayweather Jr as a person and I hate how he runs his mouth, but as a boxer he has earned the right to speak freely because he has backed up his words nearly every single time. David Haye I don’t like as a person and I, also, hate how he runs his mouth, but he has yet to back up any of his tough talk.

It’s time to now. Lets get this fight signed as soon as possible.

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