Quick hitter on Margarito-Pacquiao

Courtesty of @Boxing360 on Twitter, I came across a video that appears to show Antonio Margarito mocking Freddie Roach’s shaking as a result of his Parkinson’s Disease.

If this is in fact what he (and a member of his entourage) are doing, I hope they rot.

My Aunt died as a result of Parkinson’s Disease. It ravaged her body until she had nothing left to give.

So if this in fact what Margarito was doing…well…I hope that Manny Pacquiao beats him all over the ring, I hope Manny beats his cheating, coward, lying ass all over Cowboys Stadium.

3 thoughts on “Quick hitter on Margarito-Pacquiao

    1. I can’t really understand a person doing such a thing.

      It’s quite apparent at this point that Margarito was and is nothing but a cheating bastard. I hope Pacman eats his children, to quote the great sage Mike Tyson.


      1. I can’t understand someone like you or I or any other halfway decent human being doing it. I can understand Margarito doing it, because the guy’s a thuggy piece of garbage.

        I can’t wait for Pacquiao to embarass his ass.


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