The Derrick Coleman of boxing

Zab Judah, oh Zab Judah.

You could have been something special. All-time great special.

To watch you in action, at times, is truly a sight to behold. You have/had talent that matches or exceeds any boxer that has ever laced up a pair of gloves.

Other times you look lazy, lethargic and basically like you flat-out don’t care.

It’s frustrating being a boxing fan and having to see someone with your talent and to see you make other fighters look bad, to make them look utterly pathetic, only to turn around and look pathetic yourself.

I love seeing a talent like you come up. To see you literally have people’s jaws dropping at the awesome speed you possess, to see your nearly unparalleled athleticism in action.

Sadly, that jaw dropping athleticism and speed you display only comes in flashes.

It should be more than that Zab. You have to know this if myself and anyone who knows anything about boxing knows it. It’s inexcusable.

I have had, and will have, people disagree with me over what I am about to say, so here we go…

You, Zab Judah, are more physically gifted than any boxer that has fought in the last 25 years. Just my opinion, but having seen you fight on numerous occasions it seems quite clear to me. When you perform like you are capable of performing your skills just jump off the screen. It’s completely obvious that if you had trained and worked as hard as you should have you would be mentioned with the Floyd Mayweather’s and Roy Jones’ of the world.

This fight was the epitome of Zab Judah's entire career.

Speaking of Floyd Mayweather, Mr. Money himself, you had the fighter that is the greatest of his generation beat for 7 rounds. I could see it and so could everyone else.

To see you against him in those first seven rounds was incredible. You were pitching a 1-hitter through 6 innings. You looked masterful in beating the person most claim to be the most deft defender the fight game has ever seen. Beating him to the punch on a regular basis, out quicking the quickest and dominating the indomitable.

Then with the blink of an eye it all crumbled to the canvas.

That fight was a microcosm of your entire career.

You are the Derrick Coleman of boxing.

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