A trade saved his life

I would assume most players don’t want to be traded. So when Jerome Harrison was traded from the Detroit Lions to the Philadelphia Eagles (for Ronnie Brown) a couple of days ago, he probably wasn’t jumping up and down with happiness.

Going through the motions and getting his physical done by Eagles doctors, they found something abnormal. ESPN is reporting (according to two league sources) that the trade was officially nullified because doctors discovered a brain tumor.

Sources also say that the trade itself may have saved his life as Harrison may not have received a physical otherwise.

Scary stuff.

Moss trade good for Patriots

My first thought when I heard that discussions where ongoing between the Patriots and Vikings was, “Why does it seem like the Patriots¬†always make the right move?!”

(Note: I say it incredulously because, just being honest here, I hate Boston teams with a passion. Even to the point where I would rather see them lose, than to see my own team win.

I’m either a sadist or an idiot…or both.

I know, that’s sad. Moving on…)

It really is the right move for the Pats. Continue reading “Moss trade good for Patriots”