ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights, 5.18.12


Kareem Mayfield and Raymond Serrano did a lot of holding, Mayfield did a lot of wild swinging between the hugs. Serrano wishes he held more.

In a so-so fight with more than enough holding/grabbing to make you wonder if anything will even have a chance of happening, BOOM goes Kareem Mayfield.

With the last seconds dwindling down on round four, Mayfield dipped his right should down and unleashed a ridiculous overhand right that crushed Serrano quite literally as the bell rang to end the round.

Serrano ate the punch flush and immediately crumbled to the canvas, with little-to-no movement.

The ref started the count and Serrano staggered (horribly) to his feet. The count stopped and the ref asked Serrano to step towards him. Serrano took one step then literally fell forward into the ref.

How the referee allowed the fight to continue is beyond me and (thankfully) it didn’t end in Serrano getting seriously injured by the head hunting Kareem Mayfield in the 5th round, where the fight ended by stoppage at 47 seconds into the round.

For Serrano it was a disappointing performance and other than a few flashes I didn’t see anything that leads me to believe he can ever seriously challenge for a world title (for whatever they are worth these days).

Mayfield on the other hand showed me something, at times. There were flashes of a fighter that, with more seasoning, could possible contend for a world title. It’s too soon now, but his competition has been strong and he has performed at a very high level in running his record to a now glowing 16-0-1 with 10 KO’s.

He did have his faults though. He needs to fight within himself more. He’s far too wild for long stretches, looking for the homer, when he should work the jab and compose himself for longer stretches. If Mayfield can pull himself together and keep the wild flinging of punches to a low number he can be very good.

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