My Mt. Rushmore of Sports Heartbreak

Sometimes I like to torture myself by thinking about times in my sports watching life that are almost apocalyptic. Well, to me at least.

As a true sports fan and having what could be called actual true love (nonphysical, because that would be weird and I’m not even sure how it’s possible, although this guy has sex with a car, so who knows…) for the teams that I follow, to think about the good almost goes hand-in-hand with the sludge and moments that scream to be forgotten, but can’t because they are permanently burned into your brain tissue.

My Mt. Rushmore of Depression begins with (my team in bold); Continue reading “My Mt. Rushmore of Sports Heartbreak”


I realize the kid hasn’t been playing the best competition, but damn…this is his first real action. To be able to step onto a basketball court surrounded by other pro players and to play as well as he has is incredible.

I don’t think he can keep this up, but I do think he can be an extremely reliable contributor. Who knows, the Knicks major problem was not having someone to run the offense and distribute the ball. Lin can do that.

And here’s to hoping for more of this;

Random Thoughts on the 2011 NBA Playoffs (so far!)

The Chicago Bulls are regretting every game that they didn’t pick up a shooting guard at the trade deadline. Imagine if the Bulls had just pulled the trigger on that trade with Houston for Courtney Lee? Or Arron Afflalo from Denver?

Actually they could have had someone this summer in Tracy McGrady and at a discount too. Now imagine they had just signed McGrady, a 6’8″ SG with PG skills and can play out on the wing? Think about A) Derrick Rose playing next to Tracy McGrady, now think about the current situation of B) Rose playing next to the “We only play 15 minutes a game clan” of Keith Bogans/Ronnie Brewer/Kyle Korver. Which would you take? You don’t have to answer.

Where the hell did the Atlanta Hawks come from? I’ll be honest here, I thought the Orlando Magic were going to treat the Hawks like a five dollar hooker from Harlem. Now obviously that didn’t happen…did it?! Dwight Howard is well on his way to becoming the next center of the Los Angeles Lakers, mark my words. Continue reading “Random Thoughts on the 2011 NBA Playoffs (so far!)”

Carmelo Anthony is home.

I realize the Knicks gave up a lot and I realize that the Knicks have a lot of work to do to become a true contender.

That being said…damn, I love a good promo. As a Knicks fan this has to give you some goosebumps. Knicks fans have been so good and so loyal for so long, they deserve to have someone of Anthony’s stature to come home.

CP3 to Knicks?

Not yet, but they are #1 on his wish list to be traded to.  Following the Knicks on his list, in order, are the Orlando Magic, Dallas Mavericks, and Portland Trail Blazers (this according to Chris Broussard of

Carmelo Anthony & Chris Paul...teammates on Knicks in 2011?

If the Knickerbockers could wrangle Chris Paul from the Hornets it would be a fantastic coup for a team that has been among the worst teams in the league the last handful of years.  It would give them a tremendous base of Paul & Amar’e Stoudemire and a great reason for Carmelo Anthony to decline that three-year, $65 million contract extension from the Nuggets.

That in turn would set up nicely in restarting the heated (no pun intended) Knicks-Heat rivalry.  I would be a fan of this, by the way.

My guess though would be the Orlando Magic (#2 on his trade wish list). There would be some extra baggage thrown in on this deal if it happened and it wouldn’t be all good for New Orleans. Continue reading “CP3 to Knicks?”