Adrian Peterson thinks NFL lockout is ‘slavery’

Yes, you can go ahead and read that headline again. Don’t believe it do you?

Well…it’s 100% true.

In response to being asked about the NFL labor problems and the lockout Peterson responded, “It’s modern-day slavery, you know?”

No. No it isn’t. Not in the least.

Not in the most general sense possible is the NFL lockout, between it’s mostly billionaire owners and mostly millionaire players, like modern-day slavery.

Considering that the lockout is occurring over the players and owners not agreeing on how to split $9 billion dollars and the fact that Peterson himself is slated to make a cool $10.72 million dollars this season, he sounds like a Goddamn buffoon.

His agent, Ben Dogra, has said that his clients’ comments were taken out of context.

Perhaps his comment was taken slightly out of context, perhaps. Even if it was it doesn’t even remotely, not in any way humanly possible, resemble anything to do with slavery. If he was trying to make some sort of analogy…well, he failed…miserably.

(Side note: I always love when a politician/athlete/actor/anyone famous says something during an interview that is really, really stupid and the patented response from them or their ‘people’ is that their words were taken out of context.

No they weren’t. You’re just an asshole.)

I wonder if the $10 million dollar man realizes that there is, to this day, still slavery in the world. Actual, real, modern day slavery you say? It’s true, there is.

My first reaction to reading Peterson’s words was, “Please tell me he did not actually say that…”

Am I wrong to think that Peterson’s comments are completely ignorant of any rational thought?

Moss trade good for Patriots

My first thought when I heard that discussions where ongoing between the Patriots and Vikings was, “Why does it seem like the Patriots always make the right move?!”

(Note: I say it incredulously because, just being honest here, I hate Boston teams with a passion. Even to the point where I would rather see them lose, than to see my own team win.

I’m either a sadist or an idiot…or both.

I know, that’s sad. Moving on…)

It really is the right move for the Pats. Continue reading “Moss trade good for Patriots”

Favre retiring?!…we can only hope.

Say it ain’t so Brett! You’re retiring…again? like for reelz this time?

I’ll believe it when I see it. For example, it’s November and he’s still retired then he might actually be really done.

Although I can see this scenario happening;

Favre retires.

The first time he lied.

Vikings get off to 0-3 start.

Favre never stopped working out and is in near playing shape.

Vikings hear this and immediately call Favre’s people.

Favre mulls his options for two weeks and then comes back to play for the Vikings in Week 5 or 6.

You cannot tell me that isn’t a possible scenario. It has to be, I mean this is Brett Favre, he might not even stay retired for two weeks, much less FOREVER. This is the same man who has already retired twice only to come back.

If it is true and he has started contacting teammates to tell them he is ready to call it a career, then damn, that’s f’d up.

Consider that the Minnesota Vikings, had they known earlier that Favre was going to retire, would have most certainly been in the Donovan McNabb sweepstakes. Hell even if they couldn’t pull off getting McNabb, they could have thrown their hat in on the Jason Campbell trade talks or even Marc Bulger was out there for the taking.

What would they be left with minus Favre? Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, and Joe Webb (a rookie taken in the 6th round of this years draft out of UAB).

A player drafted to be the franchise QB, but is really nothing more than a glorified second string QB (Jackson), a career backup (Rosenfels) and a rookie (Webb). Yikes. That’s um…just a little under whelming, considering what they could have had.

So if the almighty Favre does actually retire, Vikings fans are going to become the third franchise to have a fan base utterly despise him.

Congratulations Brett, you will become one of the most hated men in NFL history! You worked hard for it, it’s well deserved.