Marquez-Pacquiao III? Not yet.

I’m not one of the naysayers dismissing a possible third Marquez-Pacquiao fight based off of the most recent accomplishments. If I were to do that Manny would seemingly be able to bludgeon Juan Manuel to death with a sword like no name actor Michael Brea.

I don’t think that is the case at all. I think this fight would be every bit as good as the previous two and probably much better than the, hoped for, super ultra mega mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The first two fights between these men were fantastic, in addition to keeping everyone talking about the results. Even to this day boxing fans still chirp about the score cards of not just one, but both of the fights. They were that close.

The sad truth is even though Marquez-Pacquiao would be the more exciting fight (in my eyes at least) there is no hope of it happening any time soon.


Because the aforementioned super ultra mega mega fight of Mayweather-Pacqiao has to happen first. There’s just no way around it.

In the whole of boxing there is no fight more talked or written about. And for good reason. It matches the top two people on the mythical Pound-4-Pound list. The two fighters with the most to lose…and gain.

It’s a fight that would break every single boxing PPV viewership record there is, not to mention that the amount of money generated from this fight could support a small third world country for a generation.

Marquez-Pacquiao III would be incredible.

Mayweather-Pacquiao could be legendary.

The fight that NEEDS to happen.

I’m Pumped!

I just came across three boxing articles that made me smile.

First, I saw that Vitali Klitschko would be defending his WBC title for a fifth time against Shannon Briggs, who in his own right was a two-time champion, but neither reign (if you could even call them that) was all that spectacular.

In 1997 he claimed a controversial decision victory against a nearly 50-year-old George Foreman to claim the lineal championship, only to be knocked out by Lennox Lewis in his next fight.  Then in 2006 he was losing against Sergei Liakhovich for the WBO championship, but knocked him out with 1 second remaining in the 12th and final round, then turned around to defend his new belt against Sultan Ibragimov who won an easy unanimous decision.

Briggs laid out on the canvas, right where Vitali is going to put him.

Either way, I figured it would be a tough fight (although a fight he would easily win) for Vitali against a man (Briggs) who can really throw some powerful shots when he is properly motivated and in shape.

Second, the fact that the aforementioned Shannon Briggs (yes, THIS Shannon Briggs) would make the WBC champion, Vitali Klitschko, his “32nd first round victim”, saying, “That’s how a lot of my fights end.”

Whoa there buddy.

I’ll be honest here, short of Vitali hurting himself during the fight, there is no way Briggs is going to win this fight, BUT if he could have just kept his mouth shut and let a sleeping giant lie he might have, he just might have had a puncher’s chance.

He can forget all that now.  Vitali is entirely too smart and has tasted leather from some of the hardest puncher’s of today (i.e. Sam Peter, Lennox Lewis) and Briggs doesn’t have anything on them.  I could be wrong, but I do believe that Vitali has never even been down once in his career. 

Even in his two losses (Chris Byrd and Lennox Lewis) which are technically down as “KO’s” he never hit the floor.  One stoppage was a shoulder injury that Vitali needed surgery (and he was winning the fight by large margins by all three judges) and if Lennox hadn’t opened up the most ghastly cuts in the history of pro boxing, Vitali would have won that fight.

Yes, Vitali would have won that fight despite Lennox Lewis saying after the fight that, “I had him right where I wanted him.”

Shannon Briggs just shook a sleeping bear.  Stupid.

And lastly, I read that Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer is trying to put a deal together for a title fight between Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez and Australia’s Michael Katsidis.

This fight has all the makings and potential to be the 2010 fight of the year.

HBO gave Shaefer a November 27 date, which Shaefer wasn’t happy about, but what’s he going to do? Put the fight on Telemundo? I don’t think so.

So, hopefully, this fight will be finalized and I can sit down and watch a potential Fight of the Year for 2010 and I can be happy.