Random Thoughts on the 2011 NBA Playoffs (so far!)

The Chicago Bulls are regretting every game that they didn’t pick up a shooting guard at the trade deadline. Imagine if the Bulls had just pulled the trigger on that trade with Houston for Courtney Lee? Or Arron Afflalo from Denver?

Actually they could have had someone this summer in Tracy McGrady and at a discount too. Now imagine they had just signed McGrady, a 6’8″ SG with PG skills and can play out on the wing? Think about A) Derrick Rose playing next to Tracy McGrady, now think about the current situation of B) Rose playing next to the “We only play 15 minutes a game clan” of Keith Bogans/Ronnie Brewer/Kyle Korver. Which would you take? You don’t have to answer.

Where the hell did the Atlanta Hawks come from? I’ll be honest here, I thought the Orlando Magic were going to treat the Hawks like a five dollar hooker from Harlem. Now obviously that didn’t happen…did it?! Dwight Howard is well on his way to becoming the next center of the Los Angeles Lakers, mark my words. Continue reading “Random Thoughts on the 2011 NBA Playoffs (so far!)”