HBO Boxing After Dark, 7.9.11; or A Travesty in Atlantic City

“I don’t know how in the world Paul Williams won the decision… It’s a joke. Paul Williams thought he lost the fight.” – HBO boxing announcer Bob Papa

I’m in shock still.

I watched a fight tonight that was an alright fight, although it was one-sided there was decent action, but clearly won by one particular fighter. This fighter won all but three rounds on my scorecard and two of them I could have seen going to the other guy too. It was a fight where one fighter clearly dominated.

It was a fight where the announcers were openly talking in round 11 about how the ref should stop the fight out of fear of the losing fighter having taken too much punishment for his own good.

As the 12th and final round ended and one fighter jumped and threw his hands up, clearly thinking he won the fight. As well he should. He fought the perfect game plan.

Smiling he stood in the ring as ring announcer, Joe Antonacci, read the judges scorecards. Continue reading “HBO Boxing After Dark, 7.9.11; or A Travesty in Atlantic City”

All Over for Arreola

Arreola crying after Vitali beat him to a bloody pulp. This just about sums it up. (Photo courtesy: MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Well, it should be at least.

Remember a little over a year ago when some boxing pundits were proclaiming Cristobal Arreola to be the “next great American heavyweight”?

What a joke.

Whoever said that is an idiot.  Those are harsh words, but this man did not one thing to be proclaimed “the next great American heavyweight.” Not. One. Thing.

Nothing he did led me to believe he was ever going to be anything more than a good fighter.

And he is a good fighter, but not the next great heavyweight, as much was proven against Vitali Klitschko (corner threw in the towel in the 10th rd), Tomasz Adamek, and now against a club fighter in Manuel Quezada.  In each fight he was sloppy and just completely and utterly out of shape.

Yeah, this slob was supposed to be (according to some) the next great one.


Arreola showed in this fight against a bum that he can’t step up (and I wasn’t the only one thinking he looked terrible either).  It’s not in the cards for him.  He is destined to be a middle man, a stepping stone for some up and coming (if there ever is another up and coming) young heavyweight that needs to prove himself against a good puncher with a strong chin.

It’s time to close the book on The Nightmare.  Decent punch, good chin, 6’4″ and fat.

The end.