Happy 40th Arturo Gatti

He wasn’t the strongest, fastest, or most talented fighter, and he took way too many punches, but he was a man in that ring.

He was a man in that ring like few others have been a man in that ring. He never gave up and he never surrendered. Gatti was one of a currently and rapidly¬†diminishing¬†breed of fighter. Not that there isn’t a group of fighters who bring the same warlike craziness to the table as Gatti, it’s just that the number is dropping dramatically as the years go on.

I may say these things because I’m biased, I openly admit to being as big an Arturo Gatti fan as there is.

I grew up watching his fights, watching his unerring intestinal fortitude, his ability to look as if he would literally be murdered in the ring and in the face of everyone telling him he must stop, he refused. He refused because he would not go quietly into that good night, he would go out in a blaze of fire. He would go down swinging.

Happy 40th Arturo.

I’ll leave you with one of the greatest rounds that you’ll ever see, featuring Mickey Ward;