The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 11)


1. Thanks 49ers & Rams. Ties fucking suck.

(While I say that, if it were my team I would much rather tie than lose. Ties are better than a loss.)

2. The Giants are playing like a bunch pansy’s. I said it, pansy’s!  There’s really no way to express how bad the Giants have played in all facets of the game. If they manage to make the playoffs playing like this they would get demolished.

3. Funny to hear the Saints complain about another player(s)/team being classless after the offseason they had. Comical.

4. The Saints are extremely dangerous if they can win enough games to make the playoffs. Would you want your team to play them in the 1st round?

5. The Eagles are done. Fire Andy Reid and blow most of the roster up. It’s time. All the chips were pushed in and it didn’t work.

6. The Cowboys pushed their rival to this point with the beatdown they laid on them, 38-23.

7. If the Broncos go 11-5 and win their division (both extremely plausible), how is Peyton Manning not the NFL MVP?

8. The answer is, Peyton Manning would 100% be the MVP.

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 10)

Straight to the points!;

1. How ’bout them Eagles?! It’s time to blow that team up. At least time for Andy Reid to hit the road. Most of the time a team and coach’s relationship just runs its course. I think the Eagles and Coach Reid are ready for a divorce.

2. The Falcons continue to not be the best team in the league and yet be the best team in the league (record-wise). I like each of the four teams below them in the rankings better, but they are the only undefeated team and that gets you a #1 ranking in my book.

3. DOUG MARTIN! His last three games combined stats look like this; 70 carries, 471 rushing, 6.7 avg, 6 TD’s & 10 rec, 137 receiving, 13.7 avg, 1 TD.


4. The Giants are playing some of their most uninspired football since Weeks 11 & 12 of last season (against Philly & @ New Orleans, both losses). Everything seems flat. Offense, defense, special teams…everything.

5. The Cowboys are broken offensively. Not sure if it can even be fixed with the current players.

6. How much money will Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shower upon (now) free agent coach Sean Payton?

7. The way you’d hear people talk about the Bears you’d think they were 4-4, except they’re 7-1 and a bounce or two away from the #1 seed in the NFC. If their O-line is in order and Cutler is on his game coupled with that stellar defense and Matt Forte they are going to be an extremely hard out the rest of the way.

8. The Ravens appear to be teetering to me. They did beat the Browns, but it wasn’t pretty. The remaining schedule (Oak, @Pitt, @SD, Pitt, @Wash, Den, NYG, @Cincy) might not be so kind if they continue on with how they’ve played the last couple of weeks.

9. Who would have thought that a Week 9 match up between the Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts would have so much possible playoff repercussions?

10. Andrew Luck is a monster after breaking the record for passing yards for a rookie QB with 433.

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 9)

I don’t have much time before the start of the Chiefs-Chargers game to get this in. That being said, I will only have one point to make.

1. The Giants and Cowboys played one of the more ugly games you’ll ever see. Easily the ugliest game (with the exception of the Browns-Chargers 7-6 debacle) of the season.

It’s as if both teams would get the ball and say, “No, really, you take the ball back”, “No YOU take the ball back!!”


Week 9 Power Rankings
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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 8)

The further we get into the season the more the legit teams that got off to slow starts are rising (Packers, Broncos, Saints) and the pretenders who got off to hot starts drop like rocks (Cardinals, Bengals).

As with last week the Falcons are not the best overall team in the league, in my opinion, but they are the only team without a loss and so they are again #1 after their bye week.

I shall begin my points now;
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The DKY NFL Power Rankings 2012 (Week 7)

The NFL can be described in one word through 7 weeks; mediocrity.

I don’t mean that in such a bad way, it’s just the perfect descriptor of how the season has played out thus far.

Just look at the standings.

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The DKY NFL Power Rankings

I know it seems a bit late for someone (anyone) to put out their first power ranking of the season. Though considering we’re six weeks in, a little over a third of the way, I would say this is actually the best time to start it off.

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DKY’s NFL Predictions ’13, Part I

Who wants it bad enough?

Last year I made some horrendous predictions, but just like a weather man, I am back to try again!

Last year I picked only 6 of a possible 12 playoff teams correctly, ultimately picking the Atlanta Falcons to overcome the Pittsburgh Steelers to become Super Bowl XLVI champs.


Nowhere to go but up, right?!

As always injuries can and will play a major role in the season. It happens every year. Peyton Manning, the obvious example, going down turned the Colts from a probable wild card team to #1 choice in the NFL Draft (hello, Andrew Luck).

Who knows how the Buffalo Bills would have performed if Fred Jackson never went down and Ryan Fitzpatrick’s ribs were never injured? They finished 6-10, but when healthy they were 5-2 and to say they could have went 9-7 or 10-6 isn’t a far reach. We’ll never know and that’s the rub with injuries to key players in the NFL.

This year is no different. Michael Vick will always be the prime suspect on everyone’s list to get hurt and ruin his teams season. He is notoriously fragile with his little baby bones and needs to run less recklessly or he will never complete a full season again.

Is Peyton Manning all the way back? He took some good, hard shots in the preseason and popped right back up, but (there’s always a ‘but’) no one has ever had this sort of injury/surgeries before so there’s no way to possibly predict how his neck will react to a full slate of games.

Can the New York football Giants repeat?

Can the Packers repeat a 15-1 type season and win the Super Bowl?

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My Mt. Rushmore of Sports Heartbreak

Sometimes I like to torture myself by thinking about times in my sports watching life that are almost apocalyptic. Well, to me at least.

As a true sports fan and having what could be called actual true love (nonphysical, because that would be weird and I’m not even sure how it’s possible, although this guy has sex with a car, so who knows…) for the teams that I follow, to think about the good almost goes hand-in-hand with the sludge and moments that scream to be forgotten, but can’t because they are permanently burned into your brain tissue.

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My picks – 11.27.11 (NFL only)

I am currently at my in-laws house typing this up and had only enough time to look at my NFL selections. Therefore this an NFL only edition.


Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons
Pick: Atlanta -9.5
Reason: This spread is low by 2-3 points, IMO. I try to make all my picks by thinking, “Would I bet real money on this?” and this passes that test thoroughly.

Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts
Pick: taking the over (46.5)

Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders
Pick: Oakland -3.5
Reason: I love the Bears defense and I think they will keep the Bears in this game through three quarters, but I think they were playing so well offensively that the loss of Jay Cutler will be too much. I like the Raiders going away in this one at home.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs
Pick: Pittsburgh -10.5
Reason: This game could be -14 and I’d still jump on it. The Chiefs has lost any luster they did have and Tyler Palko is their starting QB these days with Matt Cassell being lost due to injury. This is an easy laugher.

Season stats
ATS: 2-2
O/U: 3-1
Overall: 5-3

Fitzpatrick worth $59 mil?

Fitzpatrick is going to have a lot of this to deal with the better part of the next decade.

Let me first say, I love Ryan Fitzpatrick. He has brought an excitement back to the city of Buffalo that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Flutie Flakes.

The Buffalo Bills decided to pull the trigger on a new contract for starting QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to the tune of $59 million over six years with $24 mil guaranteed. Like I said, I love Fitzpatrick and think he did deserve a new contract, but six years at $59 mil? Really? It’s averages out to a little under $10 million a year for a QB who didn’t come into his own until last year, his sixth in the league.

Fitzpatrick is, in my mind, a good to very good QB, he’s definitely in that 2nd tier of QB in the league. Ten million a year for a 2nd tier QB seems like too much.

In the Bills defense they have been without a playoff berth since 1999. I was 17 in 1999. I am currently 29. It goes without saying that Fitzpatrick has (with help) yanked the Bills back into being relevant again. He has put the Bills right in the playoff pictures.

When you take into account the way the Bills finished last year with him at the helm and add that to how the Bills have started this season, then I suppose I can’t fault them. This contract coming for a notoriously cheap owner like Ralph Wilson is a bit of a surprise though.

This contract, whether they meant it to or not, puts tremendous amounts of pressure on Fitzpatrick to perform. Whether he knows it or not he has to perform to a playoff level for at least three of those six contract years or the contract will be viewed as a massive failure.