My Picks – 12.2.11

So far I am making up for a poor weekend with a decent week this week. Here’s hoping is continues!

NCAA Football

UCLA Bruins (6-6) @ #9 Oregon Ducks (10-2)
Pick: Oregon -31 & taking the over (66.5)
Reason: A 31 point spread is a gigantic number, I know, but UCLA is probably the worst team to play in a conference championship game ever. They gave up nearly 31 points a game, combine that with the face that Oregon nearly 46 and it’s a recipe for successfully covering a 31 point spread and going over 66.5 combined points.

Season stats
ATS: 9-5-1
O/U: 4-4
Overall: 13-9-1

NCAA Basketball

#9 Florida Gators (5-1) @ #3 Syracuse Orange (7-0)
Pick: Syracuse -6 & taking the over (148.5)
Reason: I like the Orange to cover the spread by attacking a suspect Florida defense. The over (148.5) seems to be relatively easy to meet with Florida averaging 90.9 ppg and the Orange at 83.1 ppg.

Cincinnati Bearcats (4-2) @ Georgia Bulldogs (4-3)
Pick: Georgia +1.5
Reason: Cincinnati is pretty terrible. Combined with the fact that Georgia has 3 of their 4 total wins at home and that equals a Georgia win.

#19 Vanderbilt Commodores (5-2) @ #6 Louisville Cardinals (6-0)
Pick: Louisville -8
Reason: Louisville is off to a fantastic start (injuries be damned!) and is playing some ridiculous defense holding opponents to under 50 ppg on the season. The Cardinals are also 5-0 at home.

Season stats
ATS: 5-6
O/U: 3-1
Overall: 8-7

My Picks – 11.26.11

I occasionally make picks on for free. They are a part of a contest they have for various sports with weekly and monthly winners (I believe). It’s fun for me and the reason for that is I am at least half good because I consistently finish at 50% or slightly higher.

With that said, here are all of my picks for today (and probably a well below 50% win-loss record since I so obviously jinxed it).

Some games will have a reason listed and other will not. The ones that do not are because it’s either A) an obvious pick or B) a boring explanation (i.e. “it just feels right”, or “I have a hunch”)

NCAA Football

Texas Tech @ #18 Baylor
Pick: Baylor -12 & taking the under (82)
Reason: I think Robert Griffin III and the Bears can easily cover the 12, they are clearly the better team. The o/u on the other hand is much more difficult. Both teams have put up tons of points during the season, but 82 just seems like such a huge number to me. If they go over than more power to them.

#17 Clemson @ #12 South Carolina
Pick: Clemson +3.5
Reason: Clemson had me fooled earlier this season into thinking they were a marginal great team and they are not, but neither is South Carolina who has been extremely inconsistent (at different times) on both sides of the ball. I’ll take the team that beat Auburn, Florida State, and Virginia Tech by a combined score of 106-57.

#22 Notre Dame @ #4 Stanford
Pick: taking the over (59.5)

Tulane @ Hawaii
Pick: taking the over (55)

Season stats
ATS: 8-4-1
O/U: 3-2
Overall: 11-6-1

NCAA Basketball

San Diego – Alcorn State @ New Orléans
Pick: San Diego -11.5

UMass – Charleston @ Battle 4 Atlantis at Nassau, Bahamas
Pick: UMass -4

Northern Iowa – Providence @ South Padre Island Invitational at South Padre Island, TX
Pick: Northern Iowa -4.5 & taking the under (126)

UNLV – North Carolina @ Las Vegas Invitational
Pick: UNC -7.5 & taking the over (158.5)
Reason: UNLV has the unofficial home court advantage, but let’s be real here, the Tar Heels are the most stacked team in the country. I think that 7.5 point spread is solely on the fact that the game is being played in Las Vegas alone. The spread and over/under will both be blown away, in my opinion.

Season stats
ATS: 2-2
O/U: 0-0
Overall: 2-2

My Disasterous (NCAA) Picks, Week 4

*I do realize that the NCAA is in week 5 and these are my picks for the 5th week of the NCAA season. The title of the post says “Week 4” because I didn’t make my picks for week 1, hence this is “Week 4” for me. Just an FYI incase anyone actually reads this!*

OK, starting to get ugly now.

I refuse to recap my picks from last week, except to say that I faired poorly.  Actually, it was impossible to fair any more poorly than I did, considering I won ZERO of my four picks.

I’m a disgrace.

Anyway, moving on…

Last Week: 0-4
Season: 3-9

On to this weeks picks;

UConn (-7.5) over Vanderbilt

I like UConn and their fantastic running game. Jordan Todman and Robbie Frey have combined for 100 carries, 717 yards and 8 TDs.  Also, the return of QB Cody Endres from a suspension should give them a viable air attack.

Virginia Tech (-4) over NC State

I think Tech has turned their season around in a big way, destroying an inept East Carolina team, 49-27, and not even letting Boston College score, winning 19-0.

USC (-10) over Washington

To be honest, I’m surprised that this is only a 10 point spread. I feel as if this game will be similar to Washington’s game from last week when they got obliterated by Nebraska, 56-21.

Arizona St. (+3.5) over Oregon St.

Oregon State is favored, but looking at the schedules and seeing that ASU was a blocked extra point away from pushing Wisconsin to OT at Camp Randall Stadium and, despite SEVEN turnovers, gave Oregon all they could handle, eventually falling 42-31, but ASU had it as close as 28-24 at the half.

Oregon St. on the other hand had to struggle just to beat Louisville.

And finally my Stop Beating the Horse, It’s Been Dead for Weeks Pick!

Notre Dame (-2.5) over Boston College

I refuse to comment on this choice or my decision to even pick the game.

The end.

My Disasterous (NCAA) Picks, Week 3

So, I have no defense for my picks last week.

Dreadful would be the best word for it.

I had Cal (-2.5) over Nevada. Nevada crushed them 52-31.

I had East Carolina (+19.5) over Virginia Tech. Tech won 49-27.

I had Hawaii (+10.5) over Colorado. Hawaii completely fell apart in the second half (they were up 10-0 at the half) and lost 31-13.

Finally, I had Boise State (-23.5) over Wyoming. Boise State completely obliterated the Cowboys, 51-6. Thank you Boise State, thank you so much for being my lone win for the week.


Last week: 1-3
Season: 3-5

Now onto my NCAA week 4 picks (say a prayer for me)…

Air Force (-14) over Wyoming

I’m banking on the fact that the combination of Air Force’s running game and Wyoming’s awful defense create a larger than 14 point victory for Air Force.

Alabama (-7.5) over Arkansas

I think Alabama is going to win this one going away. Ingram is back and looked fantastic against an admittedly bad Duke team, but still to put a performance on after being out the first two weeks is something. Ryan Mallett can be forced into bad throws and I think ‘Bama will do just that.

Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist (#10) (Photo from

Notre Dame (+5) over Stanford

The Fighting Irish need to have a bounce back game after two incredibly tough losses. I really do believe Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist (851 yds, 7 TDs) is special and if the Irish can even slow Standford’s QB Andrew Luck (674 yds, 10 TDs) down it could be an upset in the making.

Boise State (-17) over Oregon State

I’m riding this Boise State horse until it kicks me off. Boise State QB Kellen Moore is a ridiculous 28-1 as the starter with 69 TDs against only 14 INTs.

In conclusion, it would be in your best interest to not use my picks for anything. I mean, only 3 wins out of 8 games? I suck!

My Disasterous Picks, Week 2 (Part 1)

It’s only ‘Part 1’ because I am not yet ready to make my NFL picks for this week (they will be coming on Saturday, maybe Sunday morning) and because I need to make my NCAA picks for this week being that the week starts tomorrow!

Last Week, 2-2
Season, 2-2

That was a little long-winded, so without further adieu, my NCAA week 3 picks…

California (-2.5) over Nevada, 9/17 @10pm
I know both teams have completely demolished their first two opponents, but Cal and QB Kevin Riley have looked ridiculous.

East Carolina (+19.5) over Virginia Tech, 9/18 @1:30pm
I don’t expect East Carolina to win, but Tech has had a very rough first 2 weeks of the season and after losing to FCS (formerly Div I-AA) school James Madison last week I have no faith that they can cover an, almost, 20 point spread.

Now they will go ahead and win by 30, you watch.

Hawaii (+10.5) over Colorado, 9/18 @3:30pm
I have a lot of faith in Hawaii to keep this game inside of 10 points.

Boise State (-23.5) over Wyoming, 9/18 @8pm
Normally I would make a joke about Wyoming, but Boise State is in Idaho so the joke is moot.  Either way, I like Boise State to completely destroy the Cowboys.

My Disasterous Picks, Week 1

NCAA Week 2 Picks

Hawaii (+3) over Army, 9/11, 12pm
Hawaii scored 36 points on a much better than Army defense in USC last week.

South Florida (+15) over #8 Florida, 9/11, 12:20pm
South Florida crushed an overmatched Stony Brook, and Florida easily beat Miami(OH), but left a lot to be desired.  I think Florida wins the game, but doesn’t cover.

Notre Dame (-4) over Michigan, 9/11, 3:30pm
I think Dayne Crist is really going to be something and to separate himself he needs this win, at home, against the Wolverines.

#2 Ohio State (-9) over #12 Miami(FL)
If Terrelle Pryor is as big time as everyone thinks he is and will be, this is one of those benchmark games.

NFL Week 1

Said I was going to go by the spread for both college and the pro games, but I’ve changed my mind.  It’s my blog, I can do whatever I want! 😀

Thursday, Sept 9
New Orléans over Minnesota

Sunday, Sept 12
Miami over Buffalo
Chicago over Detroit
Tennessee over Oakland
New England over Cincinnati
NY Giants over Carolina
Atlanta over Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay over Cleveland
Denver over Jacksonville
Indianapolis over Houston
St. Louis over Arizona <—upset pick of the week
Green Bay over Philadelphia
San Francisco over Seattle
Dallas over Washington

Monday, Sept 13
Baltimore over NY Jets
San Diego over Kansas City

Short & Sweet

Just an FYI for anyone that happens upon this blog, I am going to be posting on Thursdays with my college football picks and on Sunday mornings with my NFL picks.

Both will be ATS (against the spread), because I like a challenge! 😀

Maybe I can convince my brother to join me and then everyone can see I am smarter than him in every aspect.  He knows it, I know it, now everyone else can.

Now I just have to tell him.

I Love Bush!

I realize that this headline could be taken in so many ways and if you took it in the wrong way…well you’ve got one dirty ass mind! I mean this blog is “Don’t Kid Yourself (sports edition)”!!

Anyway, I was just looking around the world-wide web and came across this article on about former USC quarterback Pat Haden replacing Mike Garrett as the Trojans athletic director.  Also in this article was the mentioning of USC voluntarily returning Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy award.

My opinion?  Great move.  An unprecedented move, but a great move nonetheless.

Moving on, this article made me think about how Pete Carroll happened to leave to be the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks at just the moment it seemed like the NCAA was going to drop the hammer on the Trojans.

Coincidence?  Coach Carroll says so. Continue reading “I Love Bush!”