Public Enemy #1

I will openly admit that I was an Alex Rodriguez apologist.

The key word is ‘was‘.

Those days of trying to explain away and most likely just convince myself that he wasn’t baseball’s Stalin so that I could continue to root for him to do well and, one would think, in turn the team to do well are over. I can’t do it anymore.

I kept quiet when the Biogenesis story initially broke. I kept quiet during his back and forth with the Yankees about whether he was healthy enough to play. I kept quiet when he continually ran his mouth about letting the arbitration process run its course.

How can I now?

The most hated man in sports (arguably) appears to have upped his game. While it’s indirect, you would have to think that Alex had to give the go ahead for his people to leak other players (including Ryan Braun and his own teammate Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli) to the media as PED users, at least according to a report by “60 Minutes”.

If it’s true that Rodriguez’s inner circle did in fact I have no idea how he could ever recover. Even if there was a slim chance before, that slim chance would now be downgraded to no chance.

I’m fed up with this man. He’s a rat and a shit stain on the sport of baseball.

I still stand by the 211 game suspension by MLB in lieu of a lifetime ban. Why force the MLBPA to go above and beyond to defend a man who is a bane on their existence? It’s just that much more reason that MLB and the Players Association can get together with a mutual interest for much, much more harsh penalties for PED users. It’s rare that the league and it’s PA has a mutual interest in anything.

From the article on Rodriguez being a rat;

Rodriguez’s lead attorney, David Cornwell, released a statement Friday morning denying the latest allegations:

“These allegations are untrue and are another attempt to harm Alex, this time by driving a wedge between him and other players in the league,” Cornwell said.

Hysterical. It’s simply hysterical that Cornwell thinks that a wedge the size of the Grand Canyon doesn’t already exist between Rodriguez and other players in the league. For every Mike Trout and John Lackey who expressed themselves, there’s probably a hundred more, at least, that kept quiet, yet feel the same way.

So Alex can have his appeal and he can play his games until the original suspension is upheld (and I do think it will be upheld). He can delude himself into thinking that there’s more than fifty people in all of baseball who have any respect left for him after all this.

My Mt. Rushmore of Sports Heartbreak

Sometimes I like to torture myself by thinking about times in my sports watching life that are almost apocalyptic. Well, to me at least.

As a true sports fan and having what could be called actual true love (nonphysical, because that would be weird and I’m not even sure how it’s possible, although this guy has sex with a car, so who knows…) for the teams that I follow, to think about the good almost goes hand-in-hand with the sludge and moments that scream to be forgotten, but can’t because they are permanently burned into your brain tissue.

My Mt. Rushmore of Depression begins with (my team in bold); Continue reading “My Mt. Rushmore of Sports Heartbreak”

DKY’s 2012 MLB All-Stars

With the MLB All Star game just a couple of days away I’m sharing who I think should be this years AL & NL All Stars.

I’ll be taking one at each position, with no particular distinction between left, right, and centerfield. Just three outfielders.

The bench will consist of one C, two infielders, and two outfielders. No DH.

I’ll take five starters, then seven relief pitchers (closers will be included).

For those of you counting at home, my All Star teams will only be 25 players deep, like a real team. Not this nonsense that happens in the real game. There’s also none of that every team gets at least one player shit.

First the AL squad; Continue reading “DKY’s 2012 MLB All-Stars”

MLB 2K12: The Predictions (Part II)

Part I can be found here.

The fact that every contending team in MLB has issues (some worse than others) is a good thing, unless of course you are a frustrated fan of one of those teams. The flaws in every good team will almost guarantee a thrilling season.

Every team will have to punch and crawl and drag themselves to the finish line. With the exception of the Detroit Tigers who are (easily) in the worst division in baseball. The Tigers should cruise to the AL Central crown.

Just like the majority of the division races should be fun to watch, so too will the awards races.

The MVP races in both the AL & NL should be especially close, particularly with the additions of Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols to the AL.

Prince Fielder, 1B, Detroit Tigers – The 1-2 punch of Fielder and Miguel Cabrera is a scary prospect for every pitcher in the American League. Fielder, like Pujols, should have a field day on more than a few of these #4 & #5 back end pictures. (Think .310 avg, 40 HR, 130 RBI)

Honorable mention:
Albert Pujols, 1B, Los Angeles Angels
Evan Longoria, 3B, Tampa Bay Rays

AL Cy Young
David Price, Tampa Bay Rays – Being 6’6″/220 lbs he can handle the rigors of a full season and well over 200 innings of Grade A pitching. His ERA elevated slightly last year, but I see him returning to his 2010 season where he finished second in the Cy Young race to the stellar Felix Hernandez. The kid is 26-years-old and is entering his prime years. (Think 21-6, 2.50 ERA, 230 IP, 215 SO)

Honorable mention:
Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers
CC Sabathia, New York Yankees

Joey Votto, 1B, Cincinnati Reds – Votto signed a massive $251.5 million, 12-year deal that is the largest in Cincinnati Reds history. Votto won the NL MVP in 2010 and I expect him to repeat that feat again this season. (Think .300, 25 HR, 125 RBI)

Honorable mention:
Matt Kemp, CF, Los Angeles Dodgers
Troy Tulowitzki, SS, Colorado Rockies

NL Cy Young
Cliff Lee, Philadelphia Phillies – since 2008 he has been one of the best (if not the best) pitchers in baseball. Last season he threw six (I repeat six!!) complete game shutouts in addition to winning 17 games, posting a 2.40 ERA, and striking out 238 (in 232.2 innings). Damn impressive. He’ll be 34 in August and he’s thrown at least 212 innings each of the last four seasons, but he has shown no sign of slowing down. (Think 19-5, 2.25 ERA, 220 IP, 220 SO)

Honorable mention:
Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers
Josh Johnson, Miami Marlins

MLB 2K12: The Predictions (Part I)

Smell that? IT’S BASEBALL!

It’s a looooong season and filled with numerous injuries and many good surprises to (the inevitable) terrible disappointments.

There is no one sure-fire pick for World Series champion. There is, however, a few teams that are in that ‘favorite’ position (Yankees, Tigers, Rangers in the AL & Phillies, Braves, Marlins in the NL).

Yes, I realize that the three teams with a shot in the National League are all from the NL East. My reasoning is equal parts, ‘the NL East is going to be the best division in baseball’, and ‘the rest of the NL’s possible contenders are at least a year away from being good enough’.

Conversely the American League has three top contenders (mentioned above) and three secondary contenders (Rays, Red Sox, and Angels) that could easily rise above with the right combination of break out/huge season from a star(s) and injury to a pivotal player. Overall there’s six possible teams that could represent the AL in the World Series this season.

On to the records predictions; Continue reading “MLB 2K12: The Predictions (Part I)”

AJ Burnett, God help us!

Simple title, simple post.

AJ Burnett is starting for my beloved Yankees tonight in the most important game of this season for them.

That’s bad if you don’t know. AJ Burnett is erratic in a best case scenario. I’m hoping it’s one of AJ’s happy bi-polar pitching days.

“I’ve been proving people wrong my whole career, it seems like,” Burnett said.

Yes, you have been proving people wrong you whole life. The people who keep insisting you’re capable of being a very good pitcher. I wouldn’t worry though AJ, that number may have finally dwindled to zero after your past two seasons (10-15, 5.26 ERA in 2010, 11-11, 5.15 this season) and your month of August this year when you impossibly posted an ERA of 11.36.

His ERA in August is reminiscent of this seasons Jacksonville Jaguars offense; dismal.

As a Yankee fan, a realistic one, I have no hope whatsoever that Burnett is going to be competitive and so I feel safe in saying…we need a lot of runs tonight. Let’s make it a shootout. I believe the Yankees have more bullets in their gun than the Tigers do.

Lets just hope they aren’t blanks.

A-Rod moving towards MLB history*

Just looking at some baseball stats and Alex Rodriguez has 1,883 career RBI’s and that makes him 414 away from tying Hank Aaron for all time #1 in RBI’s at 2,297.

A-Rod is 35 now and I think he’s got another good 3-4 years of driving in a 100 (barring injury obviously). Lets just say for the sake of argument that he drives in 100 exactly in the next two seasons after this one (saying he doesn’t drive in another run this year, which obviously won’t happen, but anyway) that would leave him being 37 with 214 left to tie and 2 more years of being pretty good still. Now lets say over the last 2 years of being decent still he drives in 85 those years it would leave him being 39-40 and only needing 44 more RBI’s to tie Aaron for most all-time.

It really does seem that if he can stay healthy he will probably become the all-time RBI king. That’s crazy.

Also, he has 626 career HR’s, Barry Bonds has 762* so he needs 136 to tie him. He could get REALLY close on that one too.

AND he probably won’t get 30 HR’s this year, which will make it the first time he has failed to get 30 in a season since 1997 when he had 23 and it was only his 2nd full MLB season.

MLB 2K11: The Predictions

AL East
Boston Red Sox    93-69
New York Yankees  90-72
Tampa Bay Rays    84-78
Toronto Blue Jays 76-86
Baltimore Orioles 69-93
AL Central
Minnesota Twins  88-74
Chicago White Sox 87-75
Detroit Tigers          82-80
Cleveland Indians 67-95
Kansas City Royals      59-103

AL West
Oakland Athletics 90-72
Texas Rangers          87-75
Los Angeles Angels      83-79
Seattle Mariners  72-90

NL East
Philadelphia Phillies  96-66
Atlanta Braves          91-71
Florida Marlins        81-81
New York Mets          80-82
Washington Nationals    68-94

NL Central
Cincinnati Reds        87-75
St. Louis Cardinals    87-75
Milwaukee Brewers 84-78
Chicago Cubs            76-86
Pittsburgh Pirates      72-90
Houston Astros          65-97

NL West
Colorado Rockies  88-74
San Francisco Giants    87-75
San Diego Padres  77-85
Los Angeles Dodgers    75-87
Arizona Diamondbacks    64-98 Continue reading “MLB 2K11: The Predictions”

MLB 2K10: The Predictions

AL East
New York Yankees* 100-62
Boston Red Sox* 95-67
Tamp Bay Rays 82-80
Baltimore Orioles 76-86

Toronto Blue Jays 62-100

AL Central
Chicago White Sox* 89-73
Minnesota Twins 88-74
Detroit Tigers 85-77
Cleveland Indians 74-88
Kansas City Royals 69-93

AL West
Seattle Mariners* 88-74
Los Angeles Angels 85-77
Texas Rangers 76-86
Oakland Athletics 70-92 Continue reading “MLB 2K10: The Predictions”