Ravens need to tell Ray Rice to take a hike (UPDATEx2)

*UPDATE* The Ravens have announced via their Twitter account that they have terminated Ray Rice’s contract.


*UPDATE 2* – The NFL has announced that they are suspending Ray Rice indefinitely based on “new video evidence that became available.”

In an email response to ESPN looking for a comment on the release of the Ray Rice punch tape the NFL said, “We have no comment at this time. Thank you.”

You’re God damn right you have no comment. There isn’t any comment to be made.

You (the NFL), the NLFPA, the Ravens…you all fucked up.

The moment this man admitted to hitting his girlfriend (now wife) Janay Palmer he should have been punished severely.

How can you, as a league, justify a year long suspension of dope headed Josh Gordon and a mere two-game suspension for a man in your league that knocked a woman unconscious?

Wait, not just unconscious, but then appeared to spit on her and drag her lifeless looking body around.

If the league itself will not persue further penalty against the woman beating coward the Ravens as an organization needs to step up.

Remove him from the roster. Suspend him in addition to the league’s. Keep him on the roster and not play him. Make him play, but he has to carry the ball a minimum of 30 times…with no helmet.

Something needs to be done by someone.

Like many others I couldn’t be more disgusted.

Get your shit together NFL.

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