Six Fights for 2013

Well, that’s that for a possible (going on 4 years) Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr mega fight.

Since the fight that would be on (should have been on) everyone’s “Fight I want to see this year” list is destroyed with a superbly timed counter punch KO, it’s time to leave that fight in the past.

There are plenty of other fights to whet your appetite this year, and I’m sure some you want to see happen.

Here’s my six (in no particular order);

1. Brandon Rios vs. Adrien Broner @ 140 lbs

Imagine this one, if you can. Tough as nails Brandon Rios taking on über talent Adrien Broner? It has classic written all over it. Broner has never faced someone with the talent, punching power, and chin of a Rios. While Rios has never faced someone with the style, speed, and overall talent of a Broner.

2. Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley II @ 147 lbs

The first time around was a travesty. Who better for Manny to get into the ring with after suffering a devastating KO than a man who can’t break an egg? I don’t mean to disparage Bradley, it’s not like he was completely blown out of the water the first time, but he most certainly lost the fight. I think a second fight between the two would be a bit different and would be exciting because of Manny coming off two straight losses (one the crushing robbery against Bradley) and Bradley needing to prove he belongs in the main event. If he legitimately beats Pacquiao he catapults himself into the stratosphere of huge money fights.

3. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Sergio Martinez @ 154 lbs

I’ll say right now, I don’t believe there’s any way in Hell that Floyd steps into the ring with Maravilla, but stranger things have happened. In Martinez, Mayweather would have the toughest opponent of his storied career. Martinez would finally have the chance to cement his career with a defining win against the greatest fighter of this generation.

4. Gary Russell Jr. vs. Javier Fortuna @ 126 lbs

I highly doubt Golden Boy (Russell Jr promoter) or Lou DiBella (Fortuna promoter) want to divert from the “build a star” path they have their fighters primed for, but wouldn’t this fight be tasty? Both men are under 25 (Fortuna 23, Russell Jr 24) and are high on everyone’s prospect list. Both seem sure to be stars and have the talent to back it up.

5. Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux @ 122 lbs

Rigondeaux is supremely talented and would push Donaire to a level he has never had to fight before. No disrespect to any of Donaire’s recent opponents, but none of them have the skill of Rigondeaux. Donaire is one of the best fighters in the world (at any class) and this would be a defining fight for him against a prime talent.

6. Mikey Garcia vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa @ 130 lbs

Gamboa is supremely talented, but doesn’t keep his food on the gas and at times relents. Garcia is very methodical, quick, accurate puncher and wouldtest every bit of Gamboa’s talent. Where Garcia is an extremely polished fighter, Gamboa is explosive and  unpredictable. I think this would be an action fight from start to finish.

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