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The further we get into the season the more the legit teams that got off to slow starts are rising (Packers, Broncos, Saints) and the pretenders who got off to hot starts drop like rocks (Cardinals, Bengals).

As with last week the Falcons are not the best overall team in the league, in my opinion, but they are the only team without a loss and so they are again #1 after their bye week.

I shall begin my points now;
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The NFL can be described in one word through 7 weeks; mediocrity.

I don’t mean that in such a bad way, it’s just the perfect descriptor of how the season has played out thus far.

Just look at the standings.

(This is where I’ll start my points, the number of which is, as of yet, undetermined.) Read the rest of this entry »

I know it seems a bit late for someone (anyone) to put out their first power ranking of the season. Though considering we’re six weeks in, a little over a third of the way, I would say this is actually the best time to start it off.

With that said, I’ll rip the band-aid quick. Well after a few points (or 10); Read the rest of this entry »

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