Ricky Hatton return?

Personally, I hope not, but according to The Manchester Evening News it’s true. Although an official announcement has yet to be made from Hatton.

Hatton last fought May 2, 2009 against Manny Pacquiao. The Congressman from the Philippines completely obliterated him. In the second round of a scheduled 12 round championship fight this happened;

And a little under a year and a half earlier this happened (head to the 1:15 mark, for those of you who are impatient);

The man suffered two severe and stunning knockouts in the span of (under) a year and a half.

Couple that with his years of alcohol/drug abuse and his own abuse of his body through massive weight gain between fights causing him to drastically cut weight during camp before a fight.

I know boxing is a massively violent sport and I am fine with that, hell, I’m far more than fine with that. I enjoy is more than any other sport. My point is that for a man like Hatton it’s more than that. He’s basically dragged his carcass through a trail of broken glass since his retirement.

That alone is reason enough to be apprehensive when hearing of a Hatton return. Except it’s not just that. He destroyed his body with alcohol, drugs, and massive weight gain between fights since he was in his middle 20’s. He’s 33-years-old now (34 in October) and hasn’t fought in well over 3 years.

Enough is enough Ricky. I can’t imagine how hard it is to really, truly say goodbye to something you have done since you were a child.

As a long time fan of the sport, I suggest you stay retired.

You’re a multiple time, two division champion (140 & 147 lbs) and were named Ring Magazine’s 2005 Fighter of the Year.

Leave well enough alone and stay retired.

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