FIBA Asia player scores 113 points (What?!)

Newest member of the 100 points in a game club, Mohammad El Akkari. (Photo: FIBA Asia)

I don’t care in what setting it occurs in, scoring ONE HUNDRED POINTS (or more) in a single basketball game is ungodly.

Mohammad El Akkari of Moutahed of Tripoli (in Lebanon) suited up on April 3rd and got ready for his game against Bejjeh and brought along his 7.6 ppg average he had accumulated over the course of 23 games.

El Akkari averages under eight points per game played, on the season. Just want to point that out again.

What happened during the course of the game is crazy talk, but it happened anyway.

The 27-year-old guard went completely bananas against a Bejjeh squad that, I assume, had no God damn idea what was about to happen.

In what has to be considered one of the best shooting/scoring games in the history of all things basketball, Akkari made 40 of 69 shots overall, 32 of 59 from 3-point, and attempted a mere one free throw.

Considering the man was averaging a paltry 7.6 ppg, this is obviously a ridiculous anomaly. It’s shocking that a man could attempt 69 shots from the field and one receive one lonely free throw. Also shocking that a man could make 32 three point baskets.

All those shots is just mind boggling to comprehend.

From the article on;

According to, 100 points have been scored in a game in Asia twice: Lou Salvador had 116 for the Philippines against China in the 1923 Far Eastern Games, and Jeron Teng scored 104 points in a high school game in the Philippines.

Also, anytime you place yourself on a short list that contain Wilt
Chamberlain (scored 100 against the Knicks in 1962) you’ve had a good day/year/life.

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