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After a rough weekend in which I went 6-9 on my picks I am hoping to have a good week this week. Had a couple of close calls that could have made my picks a more manageable 8-7, but those .5 points killed me!

I didn’t put the pick up yesterday (since there was only the one), but I did take the over (51) in the Giants-Saints game. I won that pick, by the way, as the Giants got slaughtered 49-24.

NFL Season stats
ATS: 4-3
O/U: 4-2
Overall: 8-5

On to tonight’s action;

NCAA basketball

#15 Michigan Wolverines @ Virginia Cavaliers
Pick: taking the over (115)
Reason: 115 is a very low number for two teams that regularly score over 60 ppg as a team. Michigan averaging 68.2 and Virginia 62.7.

Miami (OH) RedHawks @ Cincinnati Bearcats
Pick: Miami (OH) +11.5
Reason: Neither team is really any good, but Miami (OH) has been competitive in their two losses, one of which was a 6 point defeat to #14 Xaxier. Cincinnati on the other hand lost to Presbyterian…PRESBYTERIAN!

Eastern Michigan Eagles @ #3 Syracuse Orange
Pick: taking the over (131)
Reason: I see a good 90 point game from the Orange as a team, which leaves a measly 42 points left to be scored by lowly Eastern Michigan. I have faith in the Eagles.

Arizona @ New Mexico State
Pick: Arizona +3
Reason: This is a “I’m glad I don’t gamble pick” because I don’t have a concrete reason other than it just feels right. I fully expect my intuition is wrong.

#4 Duke @ #2 Ohio State
Pick: Duke +7.5
Reason: Does anyone really think giving a Duke team this good over 7 points to start the game?

Season stats
ATS: 3-5
O/U: 1-1
Overall: 4-6

I am currently at my in-laws house typing this up and had only enough time to look at my NFL selections. Therefore this an NFL only edition.


Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons
Pick: Atlanta -9.5
Reason: This spread is low by 2-3 points, IMO. I try to make all my picks by thinking, “Would I bet real money on this?” and this passes that test thoroughly.

Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts
Pick: taking the over (46.5)

Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders
Pick: Oakland -3.5
Reason: I love the Bears defense and I think they will keep the Bears in this game through three quarters, but I think they were playing so well offensively that the loss of Jay Cutler will be too much. I like the Raiders going away in this one at home.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs
Pick: Pittsburgh -10.5
Reason: This game could be -14 and I’d still jump on it. The Chiefs has lost any luster they did have and Tyler Palko is their starting QB these days with Matt Cassell being lost due to injury. This is an easy laugher.

Season stats
ATS: 2-2
O/U: 3-1
Overall: 5-3

I occasionally make picks on for free. They are a part of a contest they have for various sports with weekly and monthly winners (I believe). It’s fun for me and the reason for that is I am at least half good because I consistently finish at 50% or slightly higher.

With that said, here are all of my picks for today (and probably a well below 50% win-loss record since I so obviously jinxed it).

Some games will have a reason listed and other will not. The ones that do not are because it’s either A) an obvious pick or B) a boring explanation (i.e. “it just feels right”, or “I have a hunch”)

NCAA Football

Texas Tech @ #18 Baylor
Pick: Baylor -12 & taking the under (82)
Reason: I think Robert Griffin III and the Bears can easily cover the 12, they are clearly the better team. The o/u on the other hand is much more difficult. Both teams have put up tons of points during the season, but 82 just seems like such a huge number to me. If they go over than more power to them.

#17 Clemson @ #12 South Carolina
Pick: Clemson +3.5
Reason: Clemson had me fooled earlier this season into thinking they were a marginal great team and they are not, but neither is South Carolina who has been extremely inconsistent (at different times) on both sides of the ball. I’ll take the team that beat Auburn, Florida State, and Virginia Tech by a combined score of 106-57.

#22 Notre Dame @ #4 Stanford
Pick: taking the over (59.5)

Tulane @ Hawaii
Pick: taking the over (55)

Season stats
ATS: 8-4-1
O/U: 3-2
Overall: 11-6-1

NCAA Basketball

San Diego – Alcorn State @ New Orléans
Pick: San Diego -11.5

UMass – Charleston @ Battle 4 Atlantis at Nassau, Bahamas
Pick: UMass -4

Northern Iowa – Providence @ South Padre Island Invitational at South Padre Island, TX
Pick: Northern Iowa -4.5 & taking the under (126)

UNLV – North Carolina @ Las Vegas Invitational
Pick: UNC -7.5 & taking the over (158.5)
Reason: UNLV has the unofficial home court advantage, but let’s be real here, the Tar Heels are the most stacked team in the country. I think that 7.5 point spread is solely on the fact that the game is being played in Las Vegas alone. The spread and over/under will both be blown away, in my opinion.

Season stats
ATS: 2-2
O/U: 0-0
Overall: 2-2

It appears from this that Mr. Money can’t carry on a decent disagreement without becoming rather flustered.

After all the talking he’s done in his life and on his episodes of 24/7 when no one is there to actually answer him, this was fun to listen to. He picked on decrepit old Larry Merchant in the ring after his win over Victor Ortiz and now he got jerked around by some radio announcer that I’ve never heard of (his name turns out to be Rude Jude).

Floyd is so good at talking the talk when no one is around except his entourage, but whenever he is actually pushed by someone he stutters, stammers, can’t complete sentences and then just invariably calls the person a “faggot” or pulls the race card out. He’s definitely got a quick trigger on the “faggot” gun, just ask his own father Floyd Sr, who he called that on the Ortiz-Mayweather 24/7.

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