HBO World Championship Boxing, 9.10.11 (Part 2)

Daniel Ponce de Leon vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa
From Atlantic City, NJ

I admit I was excited for this fight when it was announced. I envisioned a flash of a fight ending in a vicious KO.

What I got was mild action and a weak ending. I can’t complain about the ending too much. The clash of heads was certainly vicious, just not the KO I was pining for.

The fight was steady throughout with Gamboa winning every round except for the 1st which I gave to Ponce de Leon. Even though Gamboa won every round it was a closer fight than the score would indicate.

Ponce de Leon lunges way too much, especially against such a deadly accurate puncher like Gamboa, but Gamboa seemingly takes a good 30 seconds off every single round and Ponce de Leon took full advantage of those seconds with solid body shots and looping lefts. Some of those lefts gaining the attention of Yuriorkis.

The clash of heads came in round 8 as they were both coming in to throw a punch.

Gamboa was on his way to a semi-easy victory, but I have doubts to his ability to stay on point for all three minutes. Stepping his game up against the absolute best in the world and taking off 30+ seconds a round is not going to end well for him.

He called out Pacquaio, who he will not be seeing in the ring. Even though Juan Manuel Lopez lost his last fight against Orlando Salido I would still love to see a fight between him and Gamboa. Young up and comer Mikey Garcia would also make a nice match-up.

A fight I would absolutely drool over for Gamboa would be the young Gary Russell, Jr. I realize Russell Jr. is only 23-years-old and has fought a mere 65 rounds as a pro, but he has something special in him. If a year from now Gamboa and Russell are within 5 lbs of each other it needs to happen.

3 thoughts on “HBO World Championship Boxing, 9.10.11 (Part 2)

  1. Gamboa looked lazy. I think he could have (and should have) dominated PdL. Like you said, he fights lazy sometimes.

    I think even a year from now would be too soon for Russell, though it probably will happen because it’ll be big money. Gamboa has way more international experience. If I was with Russell’s team I would pass on a Gamboa fight.


    1. RJ T. – I do agree with you about Gary Russell Jr. Personally if I was his management I’d hold off myself. Just looking from it from an outsiders perspective I see Russell being a near finished product. He is definitely in the same speed class as Gamboa and he hasn’t taken whole chunks of rounds off (so far).

      Gamboa was incredibly lazy at times. Had he put his foot on the pedal and just pushed the issue he would have had Ponce de Leon out inside of 5. Instead he chose to stretch out a fight with a fighter who is slow, but does have fantastic power. It didn’t make sense.


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