NFL Predictions, Part I

It all leads up to this.

I feel pretty decent on most of my win/loss predictions, with the exception of a few.

One in particular is the Indianapolis Colts. With even a slightly injured Peyton Manning the Colts are a solid 10 win team.

Without him? They are on the clock for a top 5 pick in next years NFL Draft. That is the risk you run with you have a player who accounts for so much of your offensive production. When he’s healthy and right everything is peachy, if he manages to get hurt? Might as well write the season off.

The other team I am wholly unsure of is the Philadelphia Eagles, the supposed Dream Team of the NFL. It’s true they amassed a king’s ransom of talent in some spots, but they left others completely alone. With the additions of Nnamdi Asomugha, Ronnie Brown, Vince Young, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, etc… they strengthened themselves greatly. Now they have a game ready backup QB, a talent rich secondary and defensive line.

What they didn’t do was grab a receiver to lessen the load that falls on Jeremy Maclin or Desean Jackson when one or the other gets hurt and that is almost assured to happen. Most glaringly they didn’t do anything to their offensive line. Teams on their schedule this year with decent defensive lines (think Giants, Falcons, and Bears) are going to maul them up front. If I was Michael Vick I would have been all but begging them to upgrade the line.

On to the records…

AFC East
*New England Patriots     13-3
*New York Jets                 12-4
Buffalo Bills                         5-11
Miami Dolphins                  3-13

AFC North
*Pittsburgh Steelers         13-3
*Baltimore Ravens            12-4
Cleveland Browns                8-8
Cincinnati Bengals              1-15

AFC South
*Houston Texans               13-3
Indianapolis Colts              10-6
Tennessee Titans               4-12
Jacksonville Jaguars          2-14

AFC West
*San Diego Chargers         14-2
Kansas City Chiefs             6-10
Oakland Raiders                6-10
Denver Broncos                 2-14

NFC East
*Philadelphia Eagles         10-6
New York Giants               10-6
Dallas Cowboys                  10-6
Washington Redskins        6-10

NFC North
*Green Bay Packers          13-3
*Chicago Bears                   11-5
Minnesota Vikings               9-7
Detroit Lions                       6-10

NFC South
*Atlanta Falcons                 14-2
*Tampa Bay Bucs               11-5
New Orléans Saints            11-5
Carolina Panthers               1-15

NFC West
*Arizona Cardinals               8-8
St. Louis Rams                      7-9
Seattle Seahawks                 3-13
San Francisco 49ers            2-14

AFC Wild Card Round
Ravens over Texans
Jets over Patriots

NFC Wild Card Round
Buccaneers over Cardinals
Bears over Eagles

AFC Divisional Round
Jets over Chargers
Steelers over Ravens

NFC Divisional Round
Falcons over Bears
Packers over Buccaneers

AFC Championship
Steelers over Jets

NFC Championship
Falcons over Packers

Super Bowl XLVI
Atlanta Falcons over Pittsburgh Steelers

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