Things NBA players do during a lockout

Murder. Apparently.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is searching for former Lakers/Grizzlies/Wizards guard Javaris Crittenton on charges of murder.

The accusation is that on August 19 Crittenton was apparently driving around Atlanta looking for someone who allegedly robbed him this past April.

While opening fire on a group of people who contained the person that allegedly robbed Crittenton, he inadvertently shot and killed 22-year-old Jullian Jones, mother of four.

According to The Associated Press (via ESPN), per the FBI, Crittenton was not in custody as of Sunday afternoon.

If this is true and he really did murder someone by firing shots indiscriminately from an SVU in a drive-by? Why? Because he was robbed?

Dude, you’ve made roughly $4 million in salary since the 2007-08 NBA season. I’m sure you could have purchased some new bling. Odds are the shit that was stolen didn’t mean that much to you to begin with.

Why in the name of God are you the trigger man in a drive by? Are you fucking kidding me?

Per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC);

“It appears Mr. Crittenton observed who he thought was the perpetrator walking down the street,” Major Keith Meadows told the AJC Friday. “It so happens Miss Jones was walking down the street at the same time.”

Shouldn’t you be busy getting ready to try to make a team? Play oversea’s? Something other than committing murder?!

Hey David Stern and Billy Hunter, how’s about you get this lockout over so there aren’t anymore children left motherless. Get it done.

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