David Haye…a mere footnote

False advertising.

All the talk preceding this fight from David Haye would have led you to think he really was going to try.

You would have thought there would have at least been some sort of effort.

Not only was there a serious lack of effort (as shown by his landing one singular punch in round 10. One punch.

I honestly and truthfully thought Haye would come out and be aggressive, if not right from the get go then at least work himself towards it. It never happened. Haye’s performance was literally the opposite of all his talk. It was one of the most uninspired performances I have ever seen.

My card read like this;

Rd 1, 10-9 Wlad
Rd 2, 10-9 Wlad
Rd 3, 10-9 Haye
Rd 4, 10-9 Wlad
Rd 5, 10-9 Wlad
Rd 6, 10-9 Wlad
Rd 7, 9-9 Wlad (Wlad won the round, but was penalized 1 point for pushing Haye to the canvas)
Rd 8, 10-9 Wlad
Rd 9, 10-9 Wlad
Rd 10, 10-9 Wlad
Rd 11, 10-8 Wlad (Haye ‘fell’ again and ref Gino Rodriguez called it a knock down)
Rd 12, 10-9 Wlad 

118-108 for Wladimir Klitschko

David Haye won one round on my card. It was really one of only two times in the entire fight when he actually showed any form of aggression.

Haye also decided early on that he was going to start flopping all over the ring. Of all the times he was “pushed” to the canvas there were about two times when it was Wladimir’s fault. All the rest were the result of some sort of strange strategy, or at least that was how it seemed to me.

While it’s true that Wladimir jabbed the bejeezus out of Haye and yes, that does make for a boring fight by itself, but if Haye could have at least put the peddle to the floor (aka did what he has run his mouth for two years about) and forced Klitschko to fire back and open himself up. It just seemed as if he was unwilling to exchange with the large Ukrainian.

Lastly, the fact that David Haye said he couldn’t throw his right hand because he had a broken pinky toe is completely ludicrous. When Wladimir questioned his “injury” by asking, “Do you have a medical statement?” Haye responded by showing him his toe, with Wladimir responding, “It’s a bee sting!”

The fight itself was a D+. Extremely boring and I’m sure if I had watched the replay at 9:45 I would have fallen asleep.

On the brighter side of things we do have “Super” Zab Judah vs. Amir “King” Khan coming up soon, July 23!

3 thoughts on “David Haye…a mere footnote

  1. Then later that same night, the UFC put on a top to bottom entertaining card capped off with a ridiculously great Bantamweight title fight that went the distance and showed two guys who didn’t let up for a single second.

    Though I think the stronger statement it makes is on weight classes. Most of the fights save one on Saturday were on the lighter side, and not a single heavyweight amongst them. I sort of figured Haye was scared of Klitschko, so I’m not surprised he s*** the bed. I hope he’s at least ashamed of himself.


    1. Kevin – I agree totally about the weight classes. Even when I was just starting to watch boxing at 7-8 years old my father explained to me that smaller boxers are going to be more entertaining than the heavyweights, most of the time.

      For example this Amir Khan – Zab Judah fight is going to have major fire works on the 23rd.


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