Did Mosley try to quit?

It seems hard to imagine that Shane Mosley, a fighter most would consider a warrior, would ask out of a fight, but it appears to be true.

On a short 15 minute episode scheduled to appear before Showtime’s Froch vs Johnson and Kessler vs Bouadla double header this Saturday, Mosley clearly states to Naazim Richardson that he wants him to stop the fight.

I realize the PPV match between Mosley and Manny Pacquiao was a month ago now, but this is just shocking to me. I do know that we don’t usually hear every little second and sound bite that goes on in every corner, in every fight. So this could happen more frequently than I perceive it to happen (I doubt it though). The simple matter of the fact is that “Sugar” Shane Mosley asked out of a prize fight.

To say I am disappointed in Shane is an understatement (with the caveat that he wasn’t asking out because of an injury and it didn’t appear that he was).

One thought on “Did Mosley try to quit?

  1. I’ll be curious to see it in its full context. That’s certainly how it appears from this clip, but context is everything and editing can do some real magic (the slight of hand kind).

    That said, I can’t say I’m shocked. We knew from the moment this fight was signed that Mosley isn’t the fighter he once was. Pacquiao put fighters in much better condition, shape, and standing in dangerous positions. He’s small and gets a lot of praise for being technically sound, which can make us forget just how hard he hits. Guy’s dangerous.


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