It’s sports, make noise!

Focus more on winning a match and less on crying babies idiot.

I just saw recently saw the video of tennis player David Ferrer lobbing a ball in the general direction of a baby that was crying and ‘disturbed’ his serve.

A baby crying broke your concentration? Really?! No…really?

Apparently in tennis and golf (don’t think I’m leaving you fools out of this) the crowd is supposed to be quiet, if not damn near completely silent, during the action.

Meanwhile every other major sport has roaring fans and chants and somehow the players can manage just fine to hit a slap shot, shoot a game winning shot, make the game winning field goal, or hit a baseball (which is the hardest thing to do in sports). They manage this all while having people lose their God damn minds while they are concentrating on their action.

How is it that in tennis and golf the fans have to be quiet? I don’t have the answer, I’m just asking. It’s hard for me to understand how athletes in other sports can perform with upwards of 50-100,000 people and not bat an eye, yet in tennis you have a baby cry and you get David Ferrer lobbing a ball into the crowd towards the baby.

Or you get the mighty Tiger Woods flipping out on a fan that heckles him. What?

You’re supposed to be a world-class athlete and you can’t perform your action because people are cheering or booing?

Unbutton one of those buttons on your Ralph Lauren polo and relax, if Derek Jeter can hit a hit a 95mph fastball out of the park to win the game then you can connect on your serve.

Toughen up you golfers and tennis players, I mean you are supposed to be big bad athletes…right?

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