HBO World Championship Boxing, 4.16.11

Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz

I’ll be honest from the start. I had strangely conflicting opinions and there was probably no way both of them were going to live up to what I thought of each fighter.

Before this fight I thought of Andre Berto as overrated. I thought he fought a lot of cupcakes and had various other reasons to not want to fight any real competition. I thought he was ripe to be exposed, but he needed to fight an elite level talent because he was good enough to slide by on his own talent against mid-level opponents.

Before this fight I thought of Victor Ortiz as soft and with an equally soft chin. Oh, and no heart. I thought the first time he stepped into the ring with a true champion he would be destroyed and end up no better than Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. You know, fighting C-level talent and just skating by on talent, never fighting any true danger to his record.

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ARES Promotions presents Fight Night IV

Fight Night IV. Be there!

The latest installment of ARES Promotions “Fight Night” series takes place tomorrow (April 15). It’s going to be another great night of boxing headlined by Emmanuel Lucero taking on Carlos Rivera in a super featherweight bout for the vacant NYS super featherweight title.

Lucero may not be known to many, but he has been in the ring with some of todays best fighters, including Jason Litzau, Rocky Juarez, former champion Daniel Ponce de Leon, and the current universally recognized #1 P4P fighter in the world Manny Pacquiao.

The co-feature of the night presents the third fight between Jaci Trivilino and Nydia Feliciano. The pair’s first two contests both ended in a draw. That alone shows how these two women fit in the ring together. It should be another hard fought and entertaining bout. They will once again be vying for the vacant NYS women’s featherweight title.

Sarah “The Knockout” Kuhn will also be in action in her fourth professional fight against Honolulu, Hawaii’s Kuulei Kupihea. It’s a step up in competition for Kuhn going against Kupihea who lost her first pro fight, but has since reeled off five in a row. I know little about Kupihea, but I was present for Kuhn’s first pro fight when she beat on Natoya Ervin for two and a half rounds before the ref stopped the fight in round 3. “The Knockout” needs to be careful against Kupihea who is a southpaw and is Kuhn’s first opponent with a winning record.

The card in its entirety looks like this…

NYS super featherweight title match
Emmanuel Lucero (25-6-1, 14 KO’s) vs. Carlos Rivera (16-8-2, 5 KO’s) – 8 rounds

NYS women’s featherweight title match
Jaci Trivilino (6-2-2, 1 KO) vs. Nydia Feliciano (2-2-3) – 8 rounds

Sarah Kuhn (3-0, 1 KO) vs. Kuulei Kupihea (5-1, 1 KO) – 6 rounds, welterweights

Shawn Miller (4-1, 3 KO’s) vs. Gerard Taylor (4-1-1, 2 KO’s) – 4 rounds, light heavyweights

Detroy Jones (4-0-1, 2 KO’s) vs. K.C. Cunningham (0-4-0) – 4 rounds, heavyweights

Joe Yerdon (2-2-2) vs. Jose Angel Ortiz (3-6-1), 4 rounds, super welterweights

Llyas Aksabaev (1-0-1) vs. Marcus Hall (4-3-1, 2 KO’s), 4 rounds, welterweights

When: April 15, 2011 (doors open @ 6pm, first fight @ 7pm)
Where: HVCC, McDonough Field House, 80 Vandenburgh Avenue, Troy, NY (map)
Tickets: starting at $30 (go to or take your chance at the door!)

Ares Promotions & Fly92’s Brian Cody team up for local 5th graders

I’m going to be at HVCC on Friday, April 15…are you?

Fight Night IV. Be there!

If it turns out to be anything like the last Ares event I went to (Fight Night, 11/13/10), it’s going to be a great night of boxing.

Now the release from Adam Neary of Ares Promotions; Continue reading “Ares Promotions & Fly92’s Brian Cody team up for local 5th graders”

It’s sports, make noise!

Focus more on winning a match and less on crying babies idiot.

I just saw recently saw the video of tennis player David Ferrer lobbing a ball in the general direction of a baby that was crying and ‘disturbed’ his serve.

A baby crying broke your concentration? Really?! No…really?

Apparently in tennis and golf (don’t think I’m leaving you fools out of this) the crowd is supposed to be quiet, if not damn near completely silent, during the action.

Meanwhile every other major sport has roaring fans and chants and somehow the players can manage just fine to hit a slap shot, shoot a game winning shot, make the game winning field goal, or hit a baseball (which is the hardest thing to do in sports). They manage this all while having people lose their God damn minds while they are concentrating on their action.

How is it that in tennis and golf the fans have to be quiet? I don’t have the answer, I’m just asking. It’s hard for me to understand how athletes in other sports can perform with upwards of 50-100,000 people and not bat an eye, yet in tennis you have a baby cry and you get David Ferrer lobbing a ball into the crowd towards the baby.

Or you get the mighty Tiger Woods flipping out on a fan that heckles him. What?

You’re supposed to be a world-class athlete and you can’t perform your action because people are cheering or booing?

Unbutton one of those buttons on your Ralph Lauren polo and relax, if Derek Jeter can hit a hit a 95mph fastball out of the park to win the game then you can connect on your serve.

Toughen up you golfers and tennis players, I mean you are supposed to be big bad athletes…right?