HBO Boxing After Dark, 3.26.11

Mikey Garcia vs. Matt Remillard (featherweights)

Matt Remillard had said this fight was going to be his coming out party and that he feels as if he can be this generations Micky Ward.

Um…about that, the coming out party was cancelled and Micky Ward took more beatings than he needed to and now has hearing loss in one ear and even he laughed at your prediction.

Garcia looked good. He was much faster and controlled nearly every second of every round. Remillard was game, but just being ‘game’ doesn’t usually translate into a victory. It didn’t this time either.

The fight could have and should have ended sooner. That was my one complaint with Garcia. I realize his job isn’t to entertain the audience, it’s to win the fight, but he could have ended the fight sooner if would have just amped up the pressure/aggression.

Garcia did turn up the dial a notch or two in round 9 when he dropped Remillard twice, then once more in round 10. That was all Remillard or his corner could watch and his corner told the ref that was all she wrote.

Mikey Garcia winner via RTD @ 3:00 in round 10.

And now on to our main event of the evening… (done in my best Michael Buffer voice)

Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Jorge Solis (featherweights)

I didn’t think Solis stood much of a chance in this fight, but I was watching to see Gamboa again. When I watch him at times it seems that he knows how fast he is, how talented he is and he gets brash and cocky and that’s more than enough against Jorge Solis, Orlando Salido, and John Victor Barros’ of the world.

That being said, he looked tremendous against Solis. He’s a little wild and lands a bit too much to the back of the head, but damn, I can understand why all the top fighters from 122-130lbs want nothing to do with him.

His speed and power is off the charts good. Solis came to that realization first hand.

Solis was competitive in the first round, but that was where his ability to hang with Gamboa ended.

With blinding speed Gamboa put Solis down twice in round 2, once in round 3, and twice more in round 4 with the ref stopping the fight after the second knockdown in round 4. There was nothing Solis could do about it, he was completely outclassed.

Yuriorkis Gamboa winner via KO in round 4.

Afterthought: Gamboa has a chance here to really jump into the limelight, particularly if he and Juan Manuel Lopez can get a deal done. A victory over Juan Ma would be huge for him.

It’s an intriguing match-up. If Gamboa stays within himself and uses that extreme wealth of talent/speed/power that he possesses he could very well win that fight.

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