I Beat My Wife

Deceiving headline, I know, but I’m talking about our NCAA Tournament brackets.

My wife and I have went head-2-head the last three years and I have lost every.single.time. It’s a little depressing.

Okay, it’s a lot depressing when you consider that she knows almost nothing about basketball in general, much less college basketball.

I have to beat her this year. It is just something that has to happen.

I’ll admit, I am a little frantic about this. I mean my wife is probably below even novice level and even though I am no expert, per se, I do think I know a pretty decent amount on the sport. At least enough that I should score a better NCAA Tournament bracket than her!

And yet the last three years (the only three years) that we have done this against each other and she has cleaned up each time.

This is my vow that I will, in fact, beat my wife senseless on our NCAA Tournament Challenge this year.

I will have updates after every round just to show everyone (or just the four people who might glance over this blog of mine) how I am winning.

Mark it down, I will win this year.

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