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AL East
Boston Red Sox    93-69
New York Yankees  90-72
Tampa Bay Rays    84-78
Toronto Blue Jays 76-86
Baltimore Orioles 69-93
AL Central
Minnesota Twins  88-74
Chicago White Sox 87-75
Detroit Tigers          82-80
Cleveland Indians 67-95
Kansas City Royals      59-103

AL West
Oakland Athletics 90-72
Texas Rangers          87-75
Los Angeles Angels      83-79
Seattle Mariners  72-90

NL East
Philadelphia Phillies  96-66
Atlanta Braves          91-71
Florida Marlins        81-81
New York Mets          80-82
Washington Nationals    68-94

NL Central
Cincinnati Reds        87-75
St. Louis Cardinals    87-75
Milwaukee Brewers 84-78
Chicago Cubs            76-86
Pittsburgh Pirates      72-90
Houston Astros          65-97

NL West
Colorado Rockies  88-74
San Francisco Giants    87-75
San Diego Padres  77-85
Los Angeles Dodgers    75-87
Arizona Diamondbacks    64-98 Read the rest of this entry »

Mikey Garcia vs. Matt Remillard (featherweights)

Matt Remillard had said this fight was going to be his coming out party and that he feels as if he can be this generations Micky Ward.

Um…about that, the coming out party was cancelled and Micky Ward took more beatings than he needed to and now has hearing loss in one ear and even he laughed at your prediction.

Garcia looked good. He was much faster and controlled nearly every second of every round. Remillard was game, but just being ‘game’ doesn’t usually translate into a victory. It didn’t this time either.

The fight could have and should have ended sooner. That was my one complaint with Garcia. I realize his job isn’t to entertain the audience, it’s to win the fight, but he could have ended the fight sooner if would have just amped up the pressure/aggression.

Garcia did turn up the dial a notch or two in round 9 when he dropped Remillard twice, then once more in round 10. That was all Remillard or his corner could watch and his corner told the ref that was all she wrote. Read the rest of this entry »

I pray that this isn’t true.

If you are a boxing fan, you pray this isn’t true.

“I was approached about the fight. I spoke with Don [King] and a few other people [connected to Mayweather]. Paul is interested in the fight. He’s wanted this fight for a very long time. Paul is ready to finish what he started ten years ago. We’ll see what happens,” [Paul Spadafora’s promoter] Michael Acri told

What Spadafora wants to finish from ten years ago is pertaining to a sparring session where he famously got the best of Floyd. There is even video of this sparring session…

Now, this is all speculation at this point and so it may or may not be true.

If it’s not true then thank the good Lord.

If it is true then shame on Floyd Mayweather Jr. If this is true and he is really actually considering fighting Paul “Pittsburgh Kid” Spadafora in July then “Money” is slapping every boxing fan in the face.

Basically just sticking a big middle finger up to the whole boxing community.

At least Manny Pacquiao is faking it by at least taking on tough, name fighters in Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, and Shane Mosley. The Congressman from the Philippines isn’t really taking any huge steps down in competition. He just keeps chugging along.

Mayweather, however, is busy complaining about how Manny wouldn’t fight him (same could be said about him not wanting to fight Manny, by the way) or how Manny wouldn’t take the Olympic style drug testing during the first negotiations and the list goes on.

It comes down to this, if Floyd Mayweather Jr. really fights Paul Spadafora it would be a gigantic fall in competition and for a man who claims to always fight the “best”. It would be an unacceptable fight against a now inferior fighter.

I’m not trying to say that other world class fighters haven’t taken on inferior competition in their primes before, but when you look at what your direct competition is doing and then you take on someone like Spadafora?

Doesn’t that just seem…wrong?

So many times in boxing a fight that should happen or is supposed to happen, doesn’t (see the most recent nearly 2-year-long saga between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao). It’s a gross injustice to their own sport.

I suppose that’s because there are too many hands in the pot. Too many voices wanting their share.

Too many vultures. Some of these vultures have names like HBO, Showtime, Golden Boy Promotions, Top Rank, Don King, Lou DiBella, Al Haymon and many, many more, I’m sure.

It’s not that there aren’t vultures in the UFC, but it’s a body that makes the matches. I know it’s probably just as political in some of the same ways that boxing is, but boxing is just a bunch of independent states trying their best to make all the money they can at the expense of their own sport. Cutting off their own nose despite their face.

The UFC has titles at weight classes, just like boxing, and for the most part those titles are respected. The titles in boxing? Well, the titles in boxing are almost worthless at this point. There should be one title at each weight class, this whole WBC, WBA, WBU, ABC, 123 is all crap. There was a time when some of the belts actually really stood for someone being the best. Read the rest of this entry »

Yes, you can go ahead and read that headline again. Don’t believe it do you?

Well…it’s 100% true.

In response to being asked about the NFL labor problems and the lockout Peterson responded, “It’s modern-day slavery, you know?”

No. No it isn’t. Not in the least.

Not in the most general sense possible is the NFL lockout, between it’s mostly billionaire owners and mostly millionaire players, like modern-day slavery.

Considering that the lockout is occurring over the players and owners not agreeing on how to split $9 billion dollars and the fact that Peterson himself is slated to make a cool $10.72 million dollars this season, he sounds like a Goddamn buffoon.

His agent, Ben Dogra, has said that his clients’ comments were taken out of context.

Perhaps his comment was taken slightly out of context, perhaps. Even if it was it doesn’t even remotely, not in any way humanly possible, resemble anything to do with slavery. If he was trying to make some sort of analogy…well, he failed…miserably.

(Side note: I always love when a politician/athlete/actor/anyone famous says something during an interview that is really, really stupid and the patented response from them or their ‘people’ is that their words were taken out of context.

No they weren’t. You’re just an asshole.)

I wonder if the $10 million dollar man realizes that there is, to this day, still slavery in the world. Actual, real, modern day slavery you say? It’s true, there is.

My first reaction to reading Peterson’s words was, “Please tell me he did not actually say that…”

Am I wrong to think that Peterson’s comments are completely ignorant of any rational thought?

HBO World Championship Boxing, 3/12/2011

First televised fight up was a middleweight bout between Andy Lee & Craig McEwan.

It was a decent fight overall. The one most surprising thing to me was the fact that Andy Lee had a chance to look impressive against someone he should have had no problems with and he failed.

Yes, Lee did knock McEwan out in the 10th and final round, but it was just a save, in reality. He did not look impressive at all. He looked flat and his punches didn’t carry any power through most of the middle rounds. The sting didn’t really appear in his punches until around round 7.

Credit where it’s due, McEwan had all the heart in the world. In the end it wasn’t enough. There are fights every so often where a fighter loses (for whatever reason), but everyone except for the opponent believes he did so much right that the loser deserved to win.

Craig McEwan deserved to win in my book. My book doesn’t matter to fate though because Andy Lee plain old took him out in the last round.

This fight did nothing for my thoughts on Andy Lee, except to prove that he is not near ready for a real step up in competition.

(Side note: For what it’s worth, I had McEwan ahead 86-84 going into the 10th & final round.)

The main event of the evening… (said in my best Michael Buffer voice) Read the rest of this entry »

Deceiving headline, I know, but I’m talking about our NCAA Tournament brackets.

My wife and I have went head-2-head the last three years and I have lost every.single.time. It’s a little depressing.

Okay, it’s a lot depressing when you consider that she knows almost nothing about basketball in general, much less college basketball.

I have to beat her this year. It is just something that has to happen.

I’ll admit, I am a little frantic about this. I mean my wife is probably below even novice level and even though I am no expert, per se, I do think I know a pretty decent amount on the sport. At least enough that I should score a better NCAA Tournament bracket than her!

And yet the last three years (the only three years) that we have done this against each other and she has cleaned up each time.

This is my vow that I will, in fact, beat my wife senseless on our NCAA Tournament Challenge this year.

I will have updates after every round just to show everyone (or just the four people who might glance over this blog of mine) how I am winning.

Mark it down, I will win this year.

It’s been two years.

That is how it’s taken for this heavyweight title fight to actually come to fruition. Two years of Wladimir Klitschko saying, “I’m ready to fight” and two years of David “The Ducker” Haye saying, “I am ready to fight too!, except my back hurts and if we do fight it has to be in the UK and if we do fight I deserve a 60/40 split…”

Well now it seems that the fight is actually going to happen. Like for real this time. As opposed to 2009 when he was supposed to fight Wladimir, but backed out because of a back ‘injury’ that he never actually provided any medical documentation for, then later in 2009 when he was suppose to fight Vitali, but just before the fight was to be signed Haye backed out and signed to fight Russian behemoth Nikolay Valuev (whom he had been secretly negotiating with).

All the while Haye has been talking smack. Now it’s time for his hands to cash the checks his mouth hopes he can sign.

Also, per ESPN’s Dan Rafael;

One interesting twist: Boente [Wladimir Klitschko’s manager] said the contract with Haye says he could fight Wladimir or Vitali.

The priority is Wladimir facing Haye, Boente said. However, if Wladimir is still injured, Vitali could step in, contingent on Vitali winning his March 19 defense against Odlanier Solis.

“Knock on wood, nothing happens. Vitali has to win his fight in two weeks against Solis, which is a very tough fight,” Boente said. “If he comes out of that fight, he is also a possibility. In the contract it says Vitali or Wladimir.”

That being said, I’m sure my pick will reside with whichever Klitschko brother he faces.

There is still no venue chosen (probably Germany where the Klitschko brothers are basically God), no exact date set (either June 25 or July 2), and no American television network signed to show the bout. HBO and Showtime are obviously two options for the fight to land on, but according to Boente, “It could also be on pay-per-view in the U.S. if we can’t find an agreement.”

I have heard all this before from these Haye-Klitschko negotiations, hell, we’ve been this close to a Klitschko-Haye fight on a couple other occasions even. I am excited for the fight, just as I was in 2009 (twice).

As for now, though, I am holding back hope. When I will truly be happy for this fight is when I hear one of their respective entrance songs as they walk down to the ring.

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