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On the website for the German newspaper, Bild, the Klitschko brothers were quoted saying,

“We promise that in 2011 the fight against Haye comes. We want this fight at all costs! He may choose, against whom he wants us to step into the ring to lose his world title.”

This is exactly what I want to hear.

Now, all I want is for this fight to get signed. It doesn’t matter which brother he gets into the ring with to me. I think the more exciting fight would be with Wladimir, if for no other reason than he tends to let his hands go more often than Vitali does.

That’s not a knock on Vitali though, he would be equally effective, in my opinion, against David “The Ducker” Haye.

I’m ready for this.

What I need now, is for David Haye to actually back up his big mouth and actually step into the ring this time.

I don’t like Floyd Mayweather Jr as a person and I hate how he runs his mouth, but as a boxer he has earned the right to speak freely because he has backed up his words nearly every single time. David Haye I don’t like as a person and I, also, hate how he runs his mouth, but he has yet to back up any of his tough talk.

It’s time to now. Lets get this fight signed as soon as possible.

This is where the sport of boxing usually resides.

Boxing can be a real world of strange occurrences and weirdo people.

I have two examples of recent happenings that make you shake your head in amazement. Even though I know boxing shouldn’t amaze me anymore, it does.

Example 1;

On December 21 it was announced that Shane Mosley would be taking on Manny Pacquiao on May 7,

You heard me right. Bob Arum of Top Rank (Pacquiao’s promoter) decided that the best fight available for Manny Pacquiao was against a man who fought to a draw with Sergio Mora, “‘The Contender’ guy” as Freddie Roach put it.

If this fight was signed before Sugar Shane got utterly dismantled at the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr. than I would be all for it because at that point I thought Shane really did have something left in the tank. After the Mayweather debacle and his mind-boggling draw with Mora, I don’t think that any longer.

Without getting to in-depth (I’m sure I’ll have a breakdown of this fight sometime before the fight in 2011), I don’t think Mosley has a chance of standing upright past the 7th round. Read the rest of this entry »

Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Tom Brady. There, I said it. Point blank.

I am not an expert by any means, but I would like to think that my eyes tell me what they tell me and I have common sense enough to know the difference between a very good quarterback and a great quarterback.

Tom Brady is very good. Peyton Manning is great.

Michael Wilbon recently started writing his own commentary column for where he says,

Peyton Manning, God bless him, isn’t the best QB in the history of the NFL; John Elway is. (Remind me again how many Pro Bowl teammates Elway had on the first three AFC championship teams he dragged to the Super Bowl by himself?) And if not Elway, then Otto Graham. And if not Graham, then John Unitas. And if not Unitas, then Joe Montana. I’m an enormous fan of Manning’s, professionally and personally. He could be, for all the right reasons, the most popular player in the NFL today. But he’s not the best QB playing today. Tom Brady is. I don’t know how you vote Manning ahead of Brady, the way that NFL Network survey turned out. Doesn’t Brady have three Super Bowl championships and doesn’t Manning have one? I presume most people can count to three.

(Side note: Elway had multiple Pro Bowlers in 1986(six), 1987(three), and 1989(five), by the way Mr. Wilbon.

Incase you were wondering, Peyton Manning’s first three trips to at least the AFC Conference Championship game he actually had less, 2003(four), 2006(three), 2009(six), so that argument is flawed.)

I like Michael, love watching him and Tony Kornheiser battle it out on PTI, love watching him on ABC & ESPN’s NBA coverage, even on the radio he’s fun to listen to and I do agree with many of the things he says, but this isn’t one of them.

While I do agree that Peyton Manning isn’t the best QB in the history of the NFL (I believe Joe Montana to be #1), he’s certainly better than Tom Brady. Read the rest of this entry »

It was a decent night of boxing on HBO.

First up was the Victor Ortiz-Lamont Peterson fight.

This fight started slowly, very, very slowly.

Ortiz won three of the first four rounds on my card, but they were very hard to score. Little action with the exception of the 3rd which Ortiz knocked Peterson down twice and had an easy 10-7 round.

After the 3rd and a 10-7 round and a, seemingly, insurmountable lead on the scorecards Ortiz became comfortable. Too comfortable.

Peterson began gaining confidence starting in the last 30 seconds to a minute of the 4th, a round in which he lost, but showed vast improvement.

It showed in the fact that I had Peterson win the next five straight rounds.

Some think that if you are the aggressor, consistently coming forward and throwing power punches that you are winning the round. I am not one of these people.

Ortiz showed he was the aggressor, but he wasn’t coming forward effectively. Peterson was regularly dodging and ducking with fantastic head movement and danced around the ring beautifully.

When it was all said and done I had thought Peterson did enough to work a draw from the jaws of defeat.

Turns out I was right.

My score: 94-94
Judges scores: 95-93 Peterson, 94-94 twice

The main event of Marcos Maidana-Amir Khan was a great fight. One of the best of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

You did it now Mr. Dereck Chisora.

You should have just let a sleeping giant lie. You should have just kept your mouth shut and took your chances against a just normally motivated Wladimir, but you couldn’t do it.

Oh how bold some young fighters can be these days. Chisora, 26, he of the mere 14-0 (9 KO’s) record, needs to zip those lips. Not for my sake though, I love that he is running his mouth. It will make for a much more dangerous and exciting fight, in my opinion. But because of his mouth he is in for mounds of punishment.

Has he seen any of Wladimir’s fights? This man is completely capable of putting you in the hospital for an extended stay.

Mr. Chisora says Wladimir has only fought “taxi drivers”? Maybe so, but his taxi drivers have been more like limo drivers compared to what Chisora’s fought.

Klitschko has dominated this entire division and fought and defeated nearly every top contender, with the exception of his brother, Vitali, for reasons we can all guess.

Klitschko has taken on the likes of Chris Byrd, Sam Peter, Jameel McCline, Eddie Chambers, Sultan Ibragimov, Tony Thompson, et al.

Chisora’s notable opponent? Danny Williams.

That’s it. That’s the list. That was also just this past May.

I, for obvious reasons, love Klitschko in this fight. Too strong, too big, too talented to lose to someone that has logged a mere 63 rounds in his entire career.

Wladimir Klitschko by KO in the fifth round.

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