My Disasterous (NFL) Picks, Week 7

Normally I would see I went 8-6 for the week and be disappointed. The 8-6 week doesn’t usually follow a 5-9 week, so considering how I did in Week 5, I think Week 6 wasn’t so bad!

Hopefully this is a trend and the 5-9 that went to 8-6 can now go to 10-4, but I’m not holding my breath (because I’d probably die).

Last Week: 8-6
Season: 48-42

(Home team in all CAPS)

Sunday, October 24
ATLANTA over Cincinnati
Washington over CHICAGO
Philadelphia over TENNESSEE <—-upset of the week
KANSAS CITY over Jacksonville
Pittsburgh over MIAMI
NEW ORLEANS over Cleveland
TAMPA BAY over St. Louis
San Francisco over CAROLINA
BALTIMORE over Buffalo
SEATTLE over Arizona
DENVER over Oakland
SAN DIEGO over New England
Minnesota over GREEN BAY

Monday, October 25
NY Giants over DALLAS

Upset of the Week:
Said as plainly as I can put it, if Tennessee was starting Vince Young I would have picked them to win.

I know Philly is going to be without DeSean Jackson, but he isn’t going to affect the offense for Philly as much as Vince Young being out will affect the Titans offense.

(Side note: I think it’s an upset, in and of itself, that the spread in the Baltimore-Buffalo & New Orléans-Cleveland is 13 in both. That’s all? I know New Orléans has struggled some this year on offense, but good God, Cleveland is terrible. Conversely Baltimore has been pretty damn good so far this year and Buffalo has been downright disgusting in 4 of their 5 losses in their lovely 0-5 start.)


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