My Disasterous (NFL) Picks, Week 6

Alright, so um…last week was, rough.

Yeah, that’s it, just a little rough.

I lied, it was wayyyy more than a little rough. It was so unbearably rough that if I was a degenerate gambler I would be missing limbs right now or a few fingers and toes, at the very least.

Moving on…

Last Week: 5-9
Season: 40-36

(Home team in all CAPS)

Sunday, October 17
CHICAGO over Seattle
Miami over GREEN BAY
San Diego over ST. LOUIS
Baltimore over NEW ENGLAND <—-upset of the week
NY GIANTS over Detroit
PITTSBURGH over Cleveland
New Orleans over TAMPA BAY
HOUSTON over Kansas City
NY Jets over DENVER
Oakland over SAN FRANCISCO
Dallas over MINNESOTA
Indianapolis over WASHINGTON

Monday, October 18
Tennessee over JACKSONVILLE

Upset of the Week
The Patriots are certainly weekend offensively by trading away Randy Moss. It effectively erased any deep ball threat New England could make in a game.

Deion Branch isn’t a huge pickup and nearly all the other receivers on the roster are possession recievers only, with the slight exception of Brandon Tate who has shown in punt return duty that with the ball in his hands he can really make a play.

The Ravens aren’t a team that you can dink and dunk down the field on. They are entirely too good for that.

When your leading receiver is Wes Welker and averaging a mere 8.3 yards per catch that is a team that could be in for a long day against this Baltimore Ravens defense.

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