My Disasterous (NFL) Picks, Week 5

I realize that I am posting this after the games have started, but I made my picks this morning in my brothers Yahoo pickem league early this morning. I swear!

Last week was just more of my mediocrity. I’m hoping that I can manage to have just one good week this season.

Last Week: 8-6
Season: 35-27

(Home team in all CAPS)

Sunday, October 10
BUFFALO over Jacksonville <—-upset of the week
CINCINNATI over Tampa Bay
Atlanta over CLEVELAND
DETROIT over St. Louis
INDIANAPOLIS over Kansas City
Green Bay over WASHINGTON
CAROLINA over Chicago
BALTIMORE over Denver
HOUSTON over NY Giants
New Orléans over ARIZONA
DALLAS over Tennessee
SAN DIEGO over Oakland
SAN FRANCISCO over Philadelphia

Monday, October 11
NY JETS over Minnesota

Reason behind upset of the week:

I realize that the line is even, BUT the Bill have been so bad in all facets of the game for most of the season that they should be the underdog, even to another really bad team in Jacksonville.

Anyway, I believe the Bills have only a few teams this whole season that they are truthfully capable of beating to keep themselves from going 0-16 and I say that they can keep from going win less in this game, at home against the Jags.

The running game with Fred Jackson and the passing game looking a little better and more efficient with Ryan Fitzpatrick will be enough to keep them ahead of the Jags at the final whistle.

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