Moss trade good for Patriots

My first thought when I heard that discussions where ongoing between the Patriots and Vikings was, “Why does it seem like the Patriots always make the right move?!”

(Note: I say it incredulously because, just being honest here, I hate Boston teams with a passion. Even to the point where I would rather see them lose, than to see my own team win.

I’m either a sadist or an idiot…or both.

I know, that’s sad. Moving on…)

It really is the right move for the Pats.

Are you really ready for double-dip of this Minnesota?

The Vikings though? The Vikings are in reach mode now. They threw $20 mil at Favre thinking he was going to, at 40, magically produce the way he had last season. I didn’t think he could have another season like last season before he signed to come back, much less coming back from surgery at his age and then missing most of training camp and thus missing out on any effort to get himself back into any semblance of game shape, all because he wanted to accomplish two things…

1. Not have to take part in training camp and

2. So he could squeeze every last dime that he could get out of Viking ownership.

The Patriots are like the bizarro world version of Jersey Shore’s “The Situation”.

The real version of “The Situation” acts like he looks better than he really does, is better than you just because, is in tremendous shape with a 47-pack of abs, and can consistently not close the deal with most (not all, but certainly most) of the women he takes back to the “smash room”.

The bizarro world “Situation” (the Patriots) are some 28-year-old quiet guy that keeps to himself most of the time, doesn’t look so special by all appearances, has a 2-pack of abs, and seemingly always closes the deal or puts himself in position to close a better deal by sacrificing a chance at
taking a good-looking girl back to the “smash room” to get a hot looking girl.


Everything is a chess move with New England.

I’ve been wrong about things before. Hell, I’ve been wrong about more things than I’ve been right about, but this move by New England is a great one, one I believe they made knowing that they might have a mediocre rest of the 2010 NFL season, but that it sets them up fantastically for the 2011 season.

The Vikings? Have fun with a broken, three time semi-retired, 40-year-old QB and a malcontent, middle-aged, lazy wide receiver.

(Note #2: No one knows how much I hate this. I hate that I have to agree with a big move the Patriots made and that I actually, truthfully agree with it. This is unconscionable. I am diametrically opposed to all things Boston sports related and here I am tooting their horn! Son of a…)

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