Oh LeBron James, you fool.

I meant to post about this right after I saw it, but I was busy watching the Celtics whoop up on the Bron and his Heat.

This commercial is basically a big middle finger to everyone and anyone that had anything to say anything negative, at all, about LeBron and his “Decision”.

The problem I have with that is…well…most people that criticised him were right. He couldn’t have possibly imagined that he could have done what he did and there would be no repercussions. He irreparably damaged his reputation.

Jim Rome really rubs me the wrong way most of the time, but he had one of the best takes on this LeBron “What should I do?” commercial.

He doesn’t actually think he did anything wrong and that is a problem for him all by itself.

You’ve probably seen LeBron James’ new, ‘What should I do?” Nike spot. You probably liked it and bought it.  I don’t.

And to answer the question, what should you do; you should have just apologized for the decision and for jamming Cleveland as hard as you did.  It would have saved you a ton of abuse and Nike a lot of time and money producing and running this spot.  Then again, in order to apologize, usually, you have to be sorry, and you’re not.  Or you wouldn’t have told Cleveland just last week, that they need to just get over it.

Nothing like humiliating someone and stabbing them in the back and telling them they need to get over it.  Apologize??!  That entire spot was in essence, a defense, for what he did; he’s asking, “What should I have done.” ???  And he doesn’t think it was a mistake to let his crew go all amateur hour and talk him into the decision, saying, “They’re my friends.”

The spot was slick and entertaining, but the words would mean a lot more if they came from him and weren’t written for him by Nike or an ad agency.  A spot won’t rehabilitate his image, but an apology would have. And since that’s obviously not coming, he needs to win a ring. Right now. Winning fixes just about everything. Commercials don’t. A spot like that is designed to generate some buzz, and win James some sympathy. Sympathy he doesn’t deserve because he’s not sorry and still doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

Like most people I didn’t care that he left Cleveland and signed with the Heat. What I cared about was the big “f^%& you” he gave to his hometown fans during an hour-long special where he announced that he hadn’t made up his mind until earlier that day.

He’s a liar.

I could go on for a very, very long time on this, so I will just stop here and leave you with the video. Watch it for yourself and see if it doesn’t come off to you as condescending and pompous.

My Disasterous (NFL) Picks, Week 7

Normally I would see I went 8-6 for the week and be disappointed. The 8-6 week doesn’t usually follow a 5-9 week, so considering how I did in Week 5, I think Week 6 wasn’t so bad!

Hopefully this is a trend and the 5-9 that went to 8-6 can now go to 10-4, but I’m not holding my breath (because I’d probably die).

Last Week: 8-6
Season: 48-42

(Home team in all CAPS)

Sunday, October 24
ATLANTA over Cincinnati
Washington over CHICAGO
Philadelphia over TENNESSEE <—-upset of the week
KANSAS CITY over Jacksonville
Pittsburgh over MIAMI
NEW ORLEANS over Cleveland
TAMPA BAY over St. Louis
San Francisco over CAROLINA
BALTIMORE over Buffalo
SEATTLE over Arizona
DENVER over Oakland
SAN DIEGO over New England
Minnesota over GREEN BAY

Monday, October 25
NY Giants over DALLAS

Upset of the Week:
Said as plainly as I can put it, if Tennessee was starting Vince Young I would have picked them to win.

I know Philly is going to be without DeSean Jackson, but he isn’t going to affect the offense for Philly as much as Vince Young being out will affect the Titans offense.

(Side note: I think it’s an upset, in and of itself, that the spread in the Baltimore-Buffalo & New Orléans-Cleveland is 13 in both. That’s all? I know New Orléans has struggled some this year on offense, but good God, Cleveland is terrible. Conversely Baltimore has been pretty damn good so far this year and Buffalo has been downright disgusting in 4 of their 5 losses in their lovely 0-5 start.)


My Disasterous (NFL) Picks, Week 6

Alright, so um…last week was, rough.

Yeah, that’s it, just a little rough.

I lied, it was wayyyy more than a little rough. It was so unbearably rough that if I was a degenerate gambler I would be missing limbs right now or a few fingers and toes, at the very least.

Moving on…

Last Week: 5-9
Season: 40-36

(Home team in all CAPS)

Sunday, October 17
CHICAGO over Seattle
Miami over GREEN BAY
San Diego over ST. LOUIS
Baltimore over NEW ENGLAND <—-upset of the week
NY GIANTS over Detroit
PITTSBURGH over Cleveland
New Orleans over TAMPA BAY
HOUSTON over Kansas City
NY Jets over DENVER
Oakland over SAN FRANCISCO
Dallas over MINNESOTA
Indianapolis over WASHINGTON

Monday, October 18
Tennessee over JACKSONVILLE

Upset of the Week
The Patriots are certainly weekend offensively by trading away Randy Moss. It effectively erased any deep ball threat New England could make in a game.

Deion Branch isn’t a huge pickup and nearly all the other receivers on the roster are possession recievers only, with the slight exception of Brandon Tate who has shown in punt return duty that with the ball in his hands he can really make a play.

The Ravens aren’t a team that you can dink and dunk down the field on. They are entirely too good for that.

When your leading receiver is Wes Welker and averaging a mere 8.3 yards per catch that is a team that could be in for a long day against this Baltimore Ravens defense.


Wow Week 6 already huh??  Moving along quickly…  This week has some tricky picks.  So here they are:


Chicago over Seattle

Green Bay over Miami

San Diego over St. Louis

N.E. over Baltimore

NY Giants over Detroit

Atlanta over Philly

Pittsburgh over Cleveland

New Orleans over Tampa Bay

Houston over K.C.

Jets over Denver

San Fran over Oakland

Dallas over Minnesota

Indy over Washington

Tennessee over Jacksonville


Best Bets:  Pittsburgh, NY Giants, San Diego

My Disasterous (NFL) Picks, Week 5

I realize that I am posting this after the games have started, but I made my picks this morning in my brothers Yahoo pickem league early this morning. I swear!

Last week was just more of my mediocrity. I’m hoping that I can manage to have just one good week this season.

Last Week: 8-6
Season: 35-27

(Home team in all CAPS)

Sunday, October 10
BUFFALO over Jacksonville <—-upset of the week
CINCINNATI over Tampa Bay
Atlanta over CLEVELAND
DETROIT over St. Louis
INDIANAPOLIS over Kansas City
Green Bay over WASHINGTON
CAROLINA over Chicago
BALTIMORE over Denver
HOUSTON over NY Giants
New Orléans over ARIZONA
DALLAS over Tennessee
SAN DIEGO over Oakland
SAN FRANCISCO over Philadelphia

Monday, October 11
NY JETS over Minnesota

Reason behind upset of the week:

I realize that the line is even, BUT the Bill have been so bad in all facets of the game for most of the season that they should be the underdog, even to another really bad team in Jacksonville.

Anyway, I believe the Bills have only a few teams this whole season that they are truthfully capable of beating to keep themselves from going 0-16 and I say that they can keep from going win less in this game, at home against the Jags.

The running game with Fred Jackson and the passing game looking a little better and more efficient with Ryan Fitzpatrick will be enough to keep them ahead of the Jags at the final whistle.


Week # 5.   Its getting a little better.  Easier to understand teams.  Had a pretty good week last week.


Jacksonville over Buffalo

Cincy over Tampa Bay

Atlanta over Cleveland

St. Louis over Detroit

Indy over Kansas City

Washington over Green Bay

Chicago over Carolina

Baltimore over Denver

NY Giants over Houston

New Orleans over Arizona

Dallas over Tennessee

San Fran over Philly

Minnesota over NY Jets


Best Bets:  Indy,  New Orleans, San Diego

Moss trade good for Patriots

My first thought when I heard that discussions where ongoing between the Patriots and Vikings was, “Why does it seem like the Patriots always make the right move?!”

(Note: I say it incredulously because, just being honest here, I hate Boston teams with a passion. Even to the point where I would rather see them lose, than to see my own team win.

I’m either a sadist or an idiot…or both.

I know, that’s sad. Moving on…)

It really is the right move for the Pats. Continue reading “Moss trade good for Patriots”


Week 4 picks right here:

Atlanta over San Francisco

JETS over Buffalo

Cincinnati over Cleveland

Green Bay over Detroit

Tennessee over Denver

Seattle over St. Louis

New Orleans over Carolina

Baltimore over Pittsburgh

Houston over Oakland

Indy over Jacksonville

Washington over Philly

San Diego over Arizona

Giants over Chicago

New England over Miami

Best Bets:  New England, Indy, New Orleans

My Disasterous (NFL) Picks, Week 4

I’ll give myself something, I’m consistent.

I thought last week was going to be my ‘breakout’ week and, well, it obviously wasn’t. I was still a winner for the week thought with another 9 win week.

So this week I have apparently picks the favorite in every single game and no I didn’t do that on purpose.

With the exception of Seattle-St. Louis, Giants-Bears, Ravens-Steelers, and New England-Miami all the games seem destined to have the favorite win definitively.

Last Week: 9-7
Season: 27-21

Week 4 picks…
(Home team in all CAPS)

Sunday, October 3
ATLANTA over San Francisco
NY Jets over BUFFALO
Cincinnati over CLEVELAND
GREEN BAY over Detroit
TENNESSEE over Denver
Seattle over ST. LOUIS
NEW ORLEANS over Carolina
PITTSBURGH over Baltimore
Houston over OAKLAND
Indianapolis over JACKSONVILLE
PHILADEPHIA over Washington
SAN DIEGO over Arizona
NY GIANTS over Chicago

Monday, October 4
New England over MIAMI

Upset of the Week:

Well being I picked the favorite in every game, there isn’t an upset of the week! 😀