My Disasterous (NCAA) Picks, Week 4

*I do realize that the NCAA is in week 5 and these are my picks for the 5th week of the NCAA season. The title of the post says “Week 4” because I didn’t make my picks for week 1, hence this is “Week 4” for me. Just an FYI incase anyone actually reads this!*

OK, starting to get ugly now.

I refuse to recap my picks from last week, except to say that I faired poorly.  Actually, it was impossible to fair any more poorly than I did, considering I won ZERO of my four picks.

I’m a disgrace.

Anyway, moving on…

Last Week: 0-4
Season: 3-9

On to this weeks picks;

UConn (-7.5) over Vanderbilt

I like UConn and their fantastic running game. Jordan Todman and Robbie Frey have combined for 100 carries, 717 yards and 8 TDs.  Also, the return of QB Cody Endres from a suspension should give them a viable air attack.

Virginia Tech (-4) over NC State

I think Tech has turned their season around in a big way, destroying an inept East Carolina team, 49-27, and not even letting Boston College score, winning 19-0.

USC (-10) over Washington

To be honest, I’m surprised that this is only a 10 point spread. I feel as if this game will be similar to Washington’s game from last week when they got obliterated by Nebraska, 56-21.

Arizona St. (+3.5) over Oregon St.

Oregon State is favored, but looking at the schedules and seeing that ASU was a blocked extra point away from pushing Wisconsin to OT at Camp Randall Stadium and, despite SEVEN turnovers, gave Oregon all they could handle, eventually falling 42-31, but ASU had it as close as 28-24 at the half.

Oregon St. on the other hand had to struggle just to beat Louisville.

And finally my Stop Beating the Horse, It’s Been Dead for Weeks Pick!

Notre Dame (-2.5) over Boston College

I refuse to comment on this choice or my decision to even pick the game.

The end.

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