Here we go again.  My picks for week three.  Last week was that good.  Finally starting to understand who is for real, but it really is going to be a couple more weeks.  And for one rival I dislike more than a possible loss to my girlfriend on Madden’11 (which would never happen BTW), What are the Dallas Cowboys doing.  They need a win this week BAD.  I hate them however and hope they crash and burn. My Picks!!!!:

Trying to add something new to every week.  After my pick I will put what I think the deciding fact will be… OFFENSE or DEFENSE.  Enjoy.

San Francisco 49ers over Kansas City Chiefs     DEFENSE

Minnesota Vikings over Detroit Lions                   OFFENSE

New England Patriots over Buffalo Bills                OFFENSE

New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons            OFFENSE

New York Giants over Tennessee Titans              DEFENSE

Pittsburgh Steelers over Tampa Bay Bucs           DEFENSE

Cincinnati Bengals over Carolina Panthers         OFFENSE

Baltimore Ravens over Cleveland Browns          DEFENSE

Dallas Cowboys over Houston Texans                 OFFENSE

Washington Redskins over St. Louis Rams        OFFENSE

Philadelphia Eagles over Jacksonville Jags      OFFENSE

Indianapolis Colts over Denver Broncos           OFFENSE

Oakland Raiders over Arizona Cardinals           DEFENSE

San Diego Chargers over Seattle Seahawks       OFFENSE

New York Jets over Miami Dolphins                   DEFENSE

Green Bay Packers over Chicago Bears              OFFENSE

Best Bets:  New England, Indianapolis,

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