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Remember back when there was defense in the NFL?

People got smacked around, bone crushing hits, receivers and defensive backs jockeying for position on a deep ball, games scores of 17-10 were commonplace. That is all gone now.

It has been replaced with, quarterbacks getting brushed lightly and a flag is thrown, defensive backs are forced to play zone, as opposed to man coverage, because the NFL has castrated DB’s, and games scores of 37-34 are commonplace.

I miss defense.

I’m not much into chess, but I know it to be a very cerebral game. Defensive and offensive coordinators used to play chess. Now they play checkers.

Not exactly the type of "roughing the passer" they usually call, but it just looks...wrong, doesn't it?

I realize why they made some rules (i.e. helmet to helmet tackles, hitting a prone player below the knees, etc…), and I do realize that they wanted to create more offense because, well, it’s exciting, but just like they wanted to amp up the offense they did it at the expense of the defense. It’s to a point now where it’s just too much.

If there wasn’t enough scoring before, there is too much now. Just like it was boring to have 17-10 games, it’s getting stale to have 40-37 games.

It used to be if a game ended with a final score of say 37-34 and your thought would be that that was a high scoring game.

Now a 37-34 score won’t even produce a blip on the radar.

The number of QB’s that have thrown for 4,000 yards has grown exponentially the last three decades.

1980’s had 14.

1990’s had 22.

2000’s had 46.

More than double the previous decade and more than the previous two decades combined!

How about this tidbit, the amount of teams that have scored 400+ points in a season increased from 30 in the 1990’s to 61 in the 2000’s. Double. Twice as many.

This isn’t an aberration either. In sports an aberration is a season, maybe two of something happening that shouldn’t, not a whole decade.

I think it’s just about time to slow these speeding bullet trains of offense down a bit.

It’s time for the NFL to grow back up from checkers and start playing chess again.

*I do realize that the NCAA is in week 5 and these are my picks for the 5th week of the NCAA season. The title of the post says “Week 4” because I didn’t make my picks for week 1, hence this is “Week 4” for me. Just an FYI incase anyone actually reads this!*

OK, starting to get ugly now.

I refuse to recap my picks from last week, except to say that I faired poorly.  Actually, it was impossible to fair any more poorly than I did, considering I won ZERO of my four picks.

I’m a disgrace.

Anyway, moving on…

Last Week: 0-4
Season: 3-9

On to this weeks picks;

UConn (-7.5) over Vanderbilt

I like UConn and their fantastic running game. Jordan Todman and Robbie Frey have combined for 100 carries, 717 yards and 8 TDs.  Also, the return of QB Cody Endres from a suspension should give them a viable air attack.

Virginia Tech (-4) over NC State

I think Tech has turned their season around in a big way, destroying an inept East Carolina team, 49-27, and not even letting Boston College score, winning 19-0.

USC (-10) over Washington

To be honest, I’m surprised that this is only a 10 point spread. I feel as if this game will be similar to Washington’s game from last week when they got obliterated by Nebraska, 56-21.

Arizona St. (+3.5) over Oregon St.

Oregon State is favored, but looking at the schedules and seeing that ASU was a blocked extra point away from pushing Wisconsin to OT at Camp Randall Stadium and, despite SEVEN turnovers, gave Oregon all they could handle, eventually falling 42-31, but ASU had it as close as 28-24 at the half.

Oregon St. on the other hand had to struggle just to beat Louisville.

And finally my Stop Beating the Horse, It’s Been Dead for Weeks Pick!

Notre Dame (-2.5) over Boston College

I refuse to comment on this choice or my decision to even pick the game.

The end.

Here we go again.  My picks for week three.  Last week was that good.  Finally starting to understand who is for real, but it really is going to be a couple more weeks.  And for one rival I dislike more than a possible loss to my girlfriend on Madden’11 (which would never happen BTW), What are the Dallas Cowboys doing.  They need a win this week BAD.  I hate them however and hope they crash and burn. My Picks!!!!:

Trying to add something new to every week.  After my pick I will put what I think the deciding fact will be… OFFENSE or DEFENSE.  Enjoy.

San Francisco 49ers over Kansas City Chiefs     DEFENSE

Minnesota Vikings over Detroit Lions                   OFFENSE

New England Patriots over Buffalo Bills                OFFENSE

New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons            OFFENSE

New York Giants over Tennessee Titans              DEFENSE

Pittsburgh Steelers over Tampa Bay Bucs           DEFENSE

Cincinnati Bengals over Carolina Panthers         OFFENSE

Baltimore Ravens over Cleveland Browns          DEFENSE

Dallas Cowboys over Houston Texans                 OFFENSE

Washington Redskins over St. Louis Rams        OFFENSE

Philadelphia Eagles over Jacksonville Jags      OFFENSE

Indianapolis Colts over Denver Broncos           OFFENSE

Oakland Raiders over Arizona Cardinals           DEFENSE

San Diego Chargers over Seattle Seahawks       OFFENSE

New York Jets over Miami Dolphins                   DEFENSE

Green Bay Packers over Chicago Bears              OFFENSE

Best Bets:  New England, Indianapolis,

Maybe I should give up at this point.

It was another poor week of picking games for me. Just as poor as Week 1. Technically it was the same result!

This is my breakout week though, I can just feel it.

Last Week: 9-7
Season: 18-14

(Home teams are in all CAPS)

Sunday, Sept 26
Tennessee over NY GIANTS
Pittsburgh over TAMPA BAY
Cincinnati over CAROLINA
BALTIMORE over Cleveland
HOUSTON over Dallas
San Francisco over KANSAS CITY
MINNESOTA over Detroit
NEW ENGLAND over Buffalo
NEW ORLEANS over Atlanta
Washington over ST. LOUIS
Philadelphia over JACKSONVILLE
Oakland over ARIZONA<—–upset of the week
San Diego over SEATTLE
Indianapolis over DENVER
NY Jets over MIAMI

Monday, Sept 27
Green Bay over CHICAGO

Reasoning behind my upset of the week:

The Raiders aren’t that good, but Arizona is a little worse than that.

If the Raiders can run the ball at even 80% of what they did last week they stand a great chance of winning this game. Arizona lost their best DB and their best LB to free agency last year and they have replaced them with serviceable, at best, players.

I like Oakland to establish the run with Darren McFadden which will in turn allow for at least some semblance of a passing game. That combined with Arizona’s lack of a defense will lead to a Oakland win on the road.

So, I have no defense for my picks last week.

Dreadful would be the best word for it.

I had Cal (-2.5) over Nevada. Nevada crushed them 52-31.

I had East Carolina (+19.5) over Virginia Tech. Tech won 49-27.

I had Hawaii (+10.5) over Colorado. Hawaii completely fell apart in the second half (they were up 10-0 at the half) and lost 31-13.

Finally, I had Boise State (-23.5) over Wyoming. Boise State completely obliterated the Cowboys, 51-6. Thank you Boise State, thank you so much for being my lone win for the week.


Last week: 1-3
Season: 3-5

Now onto my NCAA week 4 picks (say a prayer for me)…

Air Force (-14) over Wyoming

I’m banking on the fact that the combination of Air Force’s running game and Wyoming’s awful defense create a larger than 14 point victory for Air Force.

Alabama (-7.5) over Arkansas

I think Alabama is going to win this one going away. Ingram is back and looked fantastic against an admittedly bad Duke team, but still to put a performance on after being out the first two weeks is something. Ryan Mallett can be forced into bad throws and I think ‘Bama will do just that.

Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist (#10) (Photo from

Notre Dame (+5) over Stanford

The Fighting Irish need to have a bounce back game after two incredibly tough losses. I really do believe Notre Dame QB Dayne Crist (851 yds, 7 TDs) is special and if the Irish can even slow Standford’s QB Andrew Luck (674 yds, 10 TDs) down it could be an upset in the making.

Boise State (-17) over Oregon State

I’m riding this Boise State horse until it kicks me off. Boise State QB Kellen Moore is a ridiculous 28-1 as the starter with 69 TDs against only 14 INTs.

In conclusion, it would be in your best interest to not use my picks for anything. I mean, only 3 wins out of 8 games? I suck!

Here we go again.  Here are my picks for week # 2.

Atlanta over Arizona

Cincinnati over Baltimore

Kansas City over Cleveland

Dallas over Chicago

Philly over Detroit

Green Bay over Buffalo

Tennessee over Pittsburgh

Minnesota over Miami

Carolina over Tampa Bay

Seattle over Denver

Oakland over St. Louis

New England over New York Jets

San Diego over Jacksonville

Washington over Houston

New York Giants over Indianapolis

New Orleans over San Francisco

Best Bets:  Dallas, New England, New Orleans

OK so the first week of the NFL season seemed easier to pick than it was.  Regardless, I still managed a winning record, certainly nothing to write home about though.

I shouldn’t even mention it in this post, but what the hell…

Last week: 9-7
Season: 9-7

Week 2

(Home team in all CAPS)

Sunday, Sept 19
ATLANTA over Arizona
Baltimore over CINCINNATI
Kansas City over CLEVELAND
DALLAS over Chicago
Philadelphia over DETROIT
GREEN BAY over Buffalo
TENNESSEE over Pittsburgh
MINNESOTA over Miami
CAROLINA over Tampa Bay
DENVER over Seattle
OAKLAND over St. Louis
New England over NY JETS
SAN DIEGO over Jacksonville
Houston over WASHINGTON
NY Giants over INDIANAPOLIS<—-upset of the week

Monday, Sept 20
New Orléans over SAN FRANCISCO

Reasoning behind my upset of the week:

The Giants aren’t earth movers defensively and I do expect Peyton Manning to have a field day, just like Week 1 against the Texans, BUT I believe that if the Colts are going to contend this year they simply cannot allow their defense to be a sieve like it was in week 1.  The Giants have very good running backs (Jacobs & Bradshaw) and a, potentially, exceptional passing attack.  If they can hold onto the ball that is.

It’s only ‘Part 1’ because I am not yet ready to make my NFL picks for this week (they will be coming on Saturday, maybe Sunday morning) and because I need to make my NCAA picks for this week being that the week starts tomorrow!

Last Week, 2-2
Season, 2-2

That was a little long-winded, so without further adieu, my NCAA week 3 picks…

California (-2.5) over Nevada, 9/17 @10pm
I know both teams have completely demolished their first two opponents, but Cal and QB Kevin Riley have looked ridiculous.

East Carolina (+19.5) over Virginia Tech, 9/18 @1:30pm
I don’t expect East Carolina to win, but Tech has had a very rough first 2 weeks of the season and after losing to FCS (formerly Div I-AA) school James Madison last week I have no faith that they can cover an, almost, 20 point spread.

Now they will go ahead and win by 30, you watch.

Hawaii (+10.5) over Colorado, 9/18 @3:30pm
I have a lot of faith in Hawaii to keep this game inside of 10 points.

Boise State (-23.5) over Wyoming, 9/18 @8pm
Normally I would make a joke about Wyoming, but Boise State is in Idaho so the joke is moot.  Either way, I like Boise State to completely destroy the Cowboys.

First, let me say that the Pro Football HOF needs to update the amount of people it lets in each year. At this point there are so many new, worthy players that hit the nominee list that older, also worthy players that have already been on the list for a few years are getting forgotten and pushed down.

I have a list of 25 nominees that I have chosen from the total list of 114 (84 players, 9 coaches, and 21 contributors).

There are obviously more than even the 25 nominees that I have chosen that are actually worthy, but I am just playing by the Pro Fooball HOF’s rules!

The first 10 people listed are the cuts, the ones I have to shave off to get to the final list of 15 nominees.

Phil Simms
Jerome Bettis
Terrell Davis
Todd Christensen
Steve Wisniewski
Richard Dent
Dexter Manley
Karl Mecklenberg
Aeneas Williams
Ray Guy

Pro Football HOF Class of 2011
Marshall Faulk
Curtis Martin
Herschel Walker
Tim Brown
Cris Carter
Andre Reed
Shannon Sharpe
Dermontti Dawson
Willie Roaf
Ed “Too Tall” Jones
Charles Haley
Deion Sanders
Jimmy Johnson
Art Modell
George Young

OK It’s the first week and we all know teams have not established themselves well until after week 4 or so.  But here are my picks for week one and I will list the NY Giants game first since they are my team and they belong:

(HOME team in CAPS)

GIANTS over Panthers

1. SAINTS over Vikings

2. DOLPHINS over Bills

3. STEELERS over Falcons

4. BEARS over Lions

5. Bengals over PATRIOTS

6. BUCCANEERS over Browns

7. Broncos over JAGUARS

8. Colts over TEXANS

9. TITANS over Raiders

10. Packers over EAGLES

11. 49ers over SEAHAWKS

12. Cardinals over RAMS

13. REDSKINS over Cowboys

14. JETS over Ravens

15. Chargers Over CHIEFS

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