Uber Egomaniacs (updated)

Let me get this straight.

The Cincinnati Bengals already have a uber ego freak named Chad Johnson (I refuse to call him Ochocinco, because it’s stupid).  They already have a man-child who needs a whole locker room just for his ego and they want to sign…Terrell Owens?

This is like if George Steinbrenner were to of brought Jerry Jones on to be his general manager.  There’s just something inherently wrong about it.

Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson are too of the most egotistical and crazy players in the whole of the NFL.  I do believe that neither of them has been arrested for any crime, but never getting arrested has nothing to do with if you are a wacko or not.

I’m just venting because this sounds like a reach of a signing (if they make it) to me.

Are T.O.'s playing days coming to an end?

This is all coming from me, the person who actually thinks a lot of teams have made a mistake by not signing Owens.  I know there are all sorts of reasons these teams didn’t bother and I don’t particularly blame them, namely he’s slowed considerably, he’s 36, he thinks he’s the son of Poseidon, etc…

What would these teams have to lose?  Sign him to a 1 year deal to minimally guaranteed money, he doesn’t work out, cut him loose.  No harm, no foul.

If the Bengals sign Owens it would take an already semi-broken locker room and could make it a complete fracture.  I mean, Carson Palmer already has Ochocinco to deal with, why add another souped up egomaniac?

I think the Bengals are a playoff team without T.O., so maybe they need to just leave well enough alone.

Update: It appears the Cincinnati Bengals have deemed Terrell Owens to be worth the risk as they have signed The T.O. Show to a one-year, $2 million deal.

That now means that the Cincinnati Bengals have more crazy on their team than anyone else.

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