I Love Bush!

I realize that this headline could be taken in so many ways and if you took it in the wrong way…well you’ve got one dirty ass mind! I mean this blog is “Don’t Kid Yourself (sports edition)”!!

Anyway, I was just looking around the world-wide web and came across this article on ESPN.com about former USC quarterback Pat Haden replacing Mike Garrett as the Trojans athletic director.  Also in this article was the mentioning of USC voluntarily returning Reggie Bush’s Heisman Trophy award.

My opinion?  Great move.  An unprecedented move, but a great move nonetheless.

Moving on, this article made me think about how Pete Carroll happened to leave to be the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks at just the moment it seemed like the NCAA was going to drop the hammer on the Trojans.

Coincidence?  Coach Carroll says so.

I say he’s full of poop.

With all the hoopla surrounding the team and accusations flying, he just so happens to be on his way out.  His hands are clean in NFL land.  Nothing follows him there and he has an open slate.

The team he left behind?  Sanctions are coming and they could include the 2004 BSC National Championship win being vacated and many other things such as losing scholarships and not being able to take part in any bowl games, in addition to their own sanctions and returning of Reggie Bush’s Heisman.

This can’t possibly be fair, right?!?  I mean I’m not ignorant enough to think the USC’s athletic department had no knowledge of this (they most likely also have sanctions coming in the basketball dept as well), but for Carroll to sit there and tell everyone he had no idea what was transpiring?

Load.  Of.  Crap.

Pete Carroll trying to illegally recruit Philip Rivers to the Seahawks! Bastard! (previous statement was fictitious) // PHOTO BY ANA P. GUTIERREZ, FOR THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER.

I really have no idea how to go about disciplining someone who no longer is even in the same level of sport.  The NCAA and NFL have no relationship in that respect where he could be punished.

Now if he were to have stayed in college football and left USC to become the head coach at another Division I-A school (oh sorry, I meant NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision [FBS]) then that would be different.  I actually have an idea on this.

If said coach has broken enough rules to the point where his team has to vacate wins or bowl game wins then he should be banned from becoming a coach in the FBS (formally Division I-A) or FCS (formally Division I-AA) for a period of time to be determined by the NCAA committee or create a committee specifically for this time of infraction or punishment.

This coach could coach at Division II or III, if they so choose, but would not be able to return to coach at the FCS/FBS level until their ban term has expired or the coach appeals the ban and goes through that whole process.

I know the chance of this happening is low to none, but that’s only because it’s common sense, if it wasn’t the NCAA would pursue the idea.

Kind of like the Bowl Championship Series.  They loooooved that idea.

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