MLB 2K10: The Predictions

AL East
New York Yankees* 100-62
Boston Red Sox* 95-67
Tamp Bay Rays 82-80
Baltimore Orioles 76-86

Toronto Blue Jays 62-100

AL Central
Chicago White Sox* 89-73
Minnesota Twins 88-74
Detroit Tigers 85-77
Cleveland Indians 74-88
Kansas City Royals 69-93

AL West
Seattle Mariners* 88-74
Los Angeles Angels 85-77
Texas Rangers 76-86
Oakland Athletics 70-92

NL East
Philadelphia Phillies* 97-65
Atlanta Braves 90-72
New York Mets 82-80
Florida Marlins 80-82
Washington Nationals 67-95

NL Central
St. Louis Cardinals* 101-61
Milwaukee Brewers 84-78
Chicago Cubs 84-78
Cincinnati Reds 77-85
Houston Astros 70-92
Pittsburgh Pirates 55-107

NL West
Colorado Rockies* 92-70
Los Angeles Dodgers* 91-71
San Francisco Giants 82-80
Arizona Diamondbacks 79-83
San Diego Padres 69-93

ALDS New York Yankees over Seattle Mariners, 3-1
ALDS Boston Red Sox over Chicago White Sox, 3-0

NLDS St. Louis Cardinals over Los Angeles Dodgers, 3-0
NLDS Colorado Rockies over Atlanta Braves, 3-2

ALCS New York Yankees over Boston Red Sox, 4-3

NLCS St. Louis Cardinals over Colorado Rockies, 4-2

World Series: New York Yankees over St. Louis Cardinals, 4-3

The Yankees won last year and look to make it a repeat, delivering their 28th championship.

There are other teams that could very well win it all, namely the St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox, and obviously last years runner-up the Philadelphia Phillies. All of these teams did things to make themselves better, though I don’t think they did enough to leap-frog the Yanks.

The Yankees took a championship team and actually made it better with additions Curtis Granderson (CF), Nick Johnson (DH), and Javier Vazquez (SP) and filling reserve roles with very experienced players such as Randy Winn and Marcus Thames (should Brett Gardner or Nick Swisher faulter in the

Alex Rodriguez, 3B, New York Yankees
If he stays healty for the entire year? Should have monster numbers hitting behind Derek Jeter, Nick Johnson, and Mark Teixeira and in front of Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada.

30 HR’s & 100 RBI while missing a month last season, if he stays healthy this should be his to lose.

AL Cy Young
Felix Hernandez, SP, Seattle Mariners
Look for King Felix to build slightly upon his numbers from last season (19-5, 2.49 ERA, 238 2/3 IP, 217 SO) and end up with a line that should somewhat resemble this, 21-7, 2.60 ERA, 240 IP, 220 SO.

Albert Pujols, 1B, St. Louis Cardinals
The best player in baseball, hands down, IMO.

NL Cy Young
Roy Halladay, SP, Philadelphia Phillies
I do believe the Phillies are going to have a couple issues SP-wise, but Doc won’t be one of them. He pretty much dominated the Big Boy League (American League) the last several years, it stands to think he is going to out and out slaughter the National League.

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